Supply chain

From sourcing raw materials to delivering the end product, our supply chain is at the heart of getting brands to customers. Its remit is shared amongst four divisions:

Customer Service – Logistics

This area is responsible for solving challenges such as on-shelf availability. Roles include order management, working at the interface between warehousing and transportation, and ensuring products arrive as promised to meet customer needs.

Customer Service – Plan

Demand planning uses models as well as market knowledge to determine potential sales. Using this data, supply planning ensures factories are able to meet these sales demands on time and in the most cost effective way possible.

Supply management

This is about optimising the cost and quality of what we buy through the intelligent sourcing of materials, packaging and non-production items. The team explores new ways of working with suppliers and plays an important role in technology innovation.


You'll help factories improve efficiencies and adapt to changing demands. As a manager, you might be responsible for a team's quality, output and costs. In engineering, you could be designing and building high-speed production lines.