Customer Development Rotational Program

Customer Development Rotational Program (CDRP)

Customer Development Interns, who are offered and accept a full time offer, will spend their first year at Unilever as a part of the Customer Development Rotational Program (CDRP).  As a CDRP analyst you will spend 6 months as a Retail Analyst and 6 months as a Sales Analyst. During your retail experience, you will be assigned to individual stores. The time in the field gives you the opportunity to see how the work a of customer, brand, or product category teams pays off on a store’s shelves. The other half of the year will be spent as a Sales Analyst. You will revisit the skills you learned as a Customer Development Intern and analyze current business trends to identify future opportunities to strengthen and/or grow our business and minimize potential risks to our current business. At the end of the one year program, you may transition into a regular position that aligns with your career plans. No matter your next step, this program provides valuable learning and insights that can be applied to any future role.

This position is ideal for a person who:

  • Has an undergraduate degree
  • Spent a summer as a Customer Development Intern
  • Is willing to spend a year in one of the following locations: New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina, California, Ohio, Arkansas, Minnesota, & Illinois (relocation is provided)