What would you do for a Klondike® Bar?

Commitment to quality - for 80+ years 

Millions of Americans have come to love the delicious variety of frozen novelty products from Klondike® with the distinctive square shape and foil wrapper. 

About Klondike®

The origins of the Klondike® bar can be traced back to Switzerland and the Isaly Family, a family known for fine dairy products.  William Isaly founded the Isaly Dairy Company around the beginning of the 1900's. The original Klondike® bar was handmade by dipping square slices of ice cream in pans of rich, delicious Swiss milk chocolate.  The family produced the bars in Ohio just outside of Youngstown and in Pittsburgh.  By the 1940's, the Isaly Family had several dairy plants that supplied more than 300 Isaly Dairy stores.  Klondike® bars were sold in all of the stores.

Klondike® bar becomes a national favorite

Until the 1970's, the Klondike® bar was sold only in Pennsylvania and Ohio. In 1978, distribution expanded into Florida, followed by New York and New England.  In 1982, a nationwide advertising and publicity campaign was launched with the tag, "What would you do for a Klondike® bar?" Soon Klondike® bars were available in the majority of U.S. supermarkets.

In 1993, Unilever acquired the Isaly Klondike Company and the Klondike® brand became a part of Good Humors-Breyers™.  This acquisition put Americans of every age within reach of the most comprehensive line of chilly treats in dessert history.

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  • Witness that magic moment when the best ice cream bar ever conceived came to be.

    about 11 hours ago

  • Your tax refund could buy a lot of Klondike bars. ;)

    16 Apr

  • Good things always come in 3's. Introducing the best ice cream bars ever conceived … Klondike Kandy Bars!

    14 Apr

  • Retweet if you want to believe this is how the best ice cream bar ever conceived was … well, conceived #KandyBar http://t.co/uIa34VvuoO

    about 11 hours ago

  • @aminuhtar Aren't moms the best? Especially those that give out Klondike bars!

    about 17 hours ago

  • @DougFrotton Glad you like them, Doug!

    about 19 hours ago

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