TCB is the affordable indulgence for the woman who appreciates beautiful hair. Simple to use, and designed specifically for African American women, TCB's products give you long-lasting style – without breaking the bank.

Woman smilingNourish your hair - and style it

Everyone wants beautiful hair. And with TCB, you can have it, even if you are on a budget or looking after the hair of the whole family. Our line of conditioners, relaxers and lotions give your hair the moisturizing care it needs to stay supple, healthy and beautiful. And we even give you Hair Food–vitamin-enriched to condition and strengthen damaged hair, so that it stays strong even during heat styling.

Maintain healthy-looking hair

TCB Hair & Scalp conditioner offers a great way to maintain healthy-looking hair and prevent hair breakage and dryness. It’s also available in a Lite formula for a non-greasy alternative.

Did you know?

Trimming your hair by ¼ of an inch to an inch each month eliminates split ends and prevents any breakage travelling up the hair shaft to your roots. TCB can give more advice on the best way to look after your hair without breaking the bank in our 'Tips & Tricks'Link opens in a new window forum.

Nature's hair help

Our Naturals line of no-lye relaxers use the nourishing oils of the olive to moisturize, condition and strengthen hair leaving it shiny and full of body. Our relaxers require just one application to provide long-lasting straightness.

From our range

If you want a look that lasts, look no further... Our Foaming Wrap-n-Set Lotion creates the perfect wrap, sculpt or wet set with manageability, body and shine.

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