TIGI® is a hair care brand that is strongly influenced by fashion and sold only through professional hairdressers.

Designed by hairdressers for hairdressers

TIGI® was conceived by the 4 Mascolo brothers providing them with the ‘liquid tools’ to style and finish their hairstyles. Inspirational educational programs motivate and inspire hairdressers and provide them with the information to create the latest haircuts using TIGI® products.  The products are promoted by hair cut ‘collections’ created by the TIGI® Creative Team and photographed by Anthony Mascolo who leads the image and creative side of the business.

Inspired & inspiring youth culture

Linked to urban culture with trends derived from ‘the street’, the Bed Head brand’s ‘pick and mix’ philosophy is synonymous with youth: people bent on enjoying themselves rather than spending hours on pampering. A ‘lifestyle’ brand linking to new trends in music, club culture and individualism, Bed Head is popular with hairdressers everywhere, defining the creativity of Anthony Mascolo and the cult following that defines the TIGI® Creative Team

Inspired by fashion, created by hairdressers

Catwalk by TIGI® connects hairdressing with high fashion. A recent collaboration with young British designer Christopher Kane has resulted in a new and closer connection with the world of fashion, taking Catwalk by TIGI® to a new level. The 6 products in the newly re-launched Catwalk Your Highness Volume collection, enable hairdressers to create flawlessly full styles for their clients, whilst Catwalk Curlesque enhances natural curls and waves harnessing the power of the ocean with rich botanicals that deliver extraordinary hydration and definition to all types of curls and waves. The fashion link continues with further product launches later in 2010.

Ultimate indulgence

The S factor range caresses and protects, giving hair a decadent spa-like treatment. The luxurious creamy textures of the wash and cleanse products create an indulgent experience that leaves hair feeling pampered, while the opalescent styling products impart a refined finish. A shimmering shine spray or droplets of gloss-enhancing serum offer a sensual, high-shine finish. S factor is the ultimate high-end experience that explores a scientific approach to perfect hair, luxe quality, and competes with the most impressive and lavish salon brands in the marketplace.

Color with style

To provide hairdressers with the absolute in customer service TIGI® Color, with its advanced technology, provides hairdressers with the tools to create a complete look for clients, combining haircuts, enhanced with colour and styled and finished with TIGI® products. The synergy of cut, colour and products results in superior hairstyling and advanced customer service.

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  • Shake off your hair hangover and get on the road to recovery with a treatment mask. Inject a hyrdo-hit to your worn out locks. Use weekly to repair signs of damage caused by over-styling.

    08 Jan

  • What are your hair resolutions (or revolutions) for 2015? Share your #TIGIResolution with us for a chance to be featured on our page!

    08 Jan

  • For hair that's been pushed to its limits #Resurrection

    07 Jan

  • HOW TO: THE DESERT BRAID // Mara Hoffman x TIGI

    KEY STEPS 1. Comb hair into a middle parting onto dry hair 2. Mist hair with Salt spray from mid-lengths to ends and blast dry the hair with your fingers 3. Once the hair is dry, we section...


    KEY STEPS 1. Spray Bodifying Spray from root to ends and finger dry the hair 2. Once the product is dry, section off the left side of the hair and start French braiding all the way down 3....

  • HOW TO: THE HALO BRAID // We Are Handsome x TIGI

    KEY STEPS 1. Brush the hair up into an offset ponytail on the right side of the front hairline 2. Spray with Work It Hairspray and fasten with an elastic ensuring the hair is nice and tight...

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