Embracing differences, creating possibilities, growing together - that's what diversity is all about.

Meeting a diversity of needs

Unilever understands the importance of diversity and that's why it is a critical component of our business strategy and an integral part of everything we value and do.

At Unilever, we have a diverse consumer base with a diverse array of needs. By mirroring that diversity within our own organization, we can develop powerful consumer insight and incorporate it throughout our business. We seek and welcome unique talents and perspectives at Unilever, because they strengthen us as a company and help us on our journey to add vitality to life in a variety of ways.

Unilever has created many avenues to enhance and expand the diversity of the company. Led by senior management, our diversity councils help shape the diversity and inclusion philosophy we deliver to employees. Through training and awareness efforts, employees appreciate the power of diversity and the need to leverage the unique ideas, experiences and abilities we all possess to build our business. 

Our recruitment strategy continues to evolve to ensure that our workforce reflects the demographics of our consumer base and fulfills the talent needs that will keep Unilever competitive and successful now and in the future.

Diversity for growth

Unilever believes that working in an environment of openness and respect helps employees perform at their very best and ultimately succeed.

When employees express their own thoughts and ideas - and encourage others to do so - it contributes to a diverse marketplace of ideas that helps make Unilever a more robust organization with a better understanding of its markets. Because Unilever's diverse employee base reflects the broad backgrounds of our consumers, we're able to anticipate and respond to what they want more quickly.

Our employees express pride and satisfaction when we're first to market innovative products that meet consumers' evolving needs. The individual uniqueness of each and every employee, and our commitment to growing diversity, make that possible.

Diversity at Unilever

Unilever recognizes the strength of inclusion and diversity. Understanding, respecting and valuing our similarities and our differences are powerful and compelling concepts for today's business environment. They are also the tenets by which we have outlined a fundamental business strategy to assist in reaching our goals.

1. Recruit

Recruit a diverse workforce that appropriately reflects the demographics of our consumer base and fulfills the talent needs that will keep Unilever competitive and successful. Diversity furthers our understanding of the marketplace by valuing the ideas and thoughts of all employees and other stakeholders in the business. 

2. Retain

Retain employees by fostering an environment in which all employees understand and value each other - and our differences. We recognize that all businesses change over time. For our business to grow, we need employees who possess an in-depth understanding of the business and the flexibility to anticipate and respond to changes in the marketplace.

We can develop and retain employees by providing equitable opportunities, together with a challenging environment that rewards new approaches, risk-taking and novel points of view, thereby creating a culture that values diversity.

3. Grow the business & innovate

Continually grow our business and innovate by embracing diversity of thoughts and ideas. Create a work environment that fosters and supports enthusiasm, business risk and new ideas. Innovation is key to driving our business forward both now and over the long term and it hinges on a multiplicity of ideas and ways of approaching a problem. By building a diverse employee population that brings many different life experiences to the table, we vastly improve our prospects for innovation and growth.

4. Develop

Develop employees to help them reach their professional potential. As our customers and distribution channels continue to evolve, so too must our employee base. Investing in the development of employees is essential to our growth.

5. Hold accountable

Establish accountability. All employees are responsible for proactively supporting Unilever's goals, and they are evaluated accordingly. Specific behaviors and actions that promote an understanding and appreciation of diversity are incorporated into individual performance plans. 

Diversity is one of the thrusts of Strategy Into Action, the plan that drives all aspects of our business. Employees are expected to contribute to the success of diversity goals just as they are expected to contribute to other priorities of the business

By focusing on our goals for diversity as part of our overall business strategy, we recognize that they are intertwined. Indeed, our success and prosperity are inextricably linked to our ability to embrace diversity in every part of the organization. Valuing diversity is the job of everyone - our employees, contractors, and vendors. It is the way we work and the way we do business, day in and day out.