Bigger, better, faster innovation

We are proud of our reputation as a world leader in research and development by using break through technology.

Healthier eating

To improve how we eat in the future, we’re looking at diets of the past

Petroglyphs at an archaeological site in Hatiheu valley, Polynesia

Stone Age diet may hold key to optimum nutrition

Unilever research is looking at what man’s distant ancestors ate to see how it could enhance modern-day nutrition.

Our innovation

  • Our investment

    $1 billion+

    In 2011 Unilever spent more than $1 billion on research & development.

  • Our people


    Currently we have over 6000 people working in R&D in all Unilever regions across the globe.

  • Our inventions


    We typically file between 250 & 350 new patent applications a year.

  • Our intellectual property


    Worldwide we have over 20,000 registered patents & patent applications.

Our R&D centers

Testing jars in our R&D lab in Cisterna

Unilever R&D, Shanghai

R&D in Shanghai focuses on synthetic chemistry and traditional Chinese medicine.

Some of our locations worldwide