Research discoveries

Ground breaking research is the foundation on which Unilever's R&D program is built.

We take the very best science and technology from academia and specialist collaborators and apply it to create breakthrough innovations for the next generation of products.

Petroglyphs at an archaeological site in Hatiheu valley, Polynesia

Stone Age diet may hold key to optimum nutrition

Unilever research is looking at what man’s distant ancestors ate to see how it could enhance modern-day nutrition.

Woman with bowl of pomegranate seeds

How the brain shapes the taste of food

Unilever R&D partnered with the University of Manchester in a project to understand how a person’s brain shapes the taste of their food, and how consumers make and maintain healthy food choices.

Woman listening to music

Sound can change our perception of food

Background sound played during a meal can significantly affect how food tastes, according to research conducted by Unilever R&D in collaboration with the University of Manchester.

Senior female in an outdoor swimming pool

Is it possible to age more healthily?

Unilever is studying the relationship between genes and aging to develop technologies that – when translated into products – will help people remain healthy in their mid and later years.