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Every Degree supports programs to keep kids moving

Degree believes in the power of movement to enhance our wellbeing. But even the simple act of freedom of movement has been restricted for many. Exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis, which led to the closure of recreation centers and sports programs nationwide, it’s become harder for many who depend on these safe spaces for their overall physical and mental health. Coupled with that, racial injustice further limits Black and Brown children who may not feel confident moving in their communities due to profiling stemming from systemic racism.

Inspiring the confidence in everyone to move more

Degree is committed to inspiring confidence in everyone to move more. We believe that nothing should hold you back. We’re donating $500,000 to sports programs and recreation centers in some of the hardest hit communities nationwide, ensuring that more than 100,000 kids can #KeepMoving. These programs will continue to challenge kids to move and provide mentorship, coaching and support, while also keeping them funded for the future.

Ensuring that more than 100,000 kids can #keepmoving

Together, we can inspire a society of movers and shakers

While our movement mission is off to a good start, there’s still a lot of work to be done before everybody is moving their body like it was born to do. By continuing to choose Degree, and move your own body, you’re helping us remind, encourage and inspire more and more people to live life with a little more movement.

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