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Every Hellmann’s helps reduce food waste

By squeezing with Hellmann’s you help inspire people to reduce food waste

Did you know 43% of food waste happens in people’s homes?* It’s true, our busy lives often cause us to see “nothing” in a fridge full of food. Our magical ingredient can help transform all that “nothing” into a delicious something. Join our mission to #MakeTasteNotWaste and make the most of your food with our easy tips and tricks.

Our ambition is two-fold; to raise awareness of the issue of household food waste and provide practical, effective solutions that help people reduce the amount of edible food they throw away. Our goal is to help educate and elevate awareness as part of our commitment to inspiring more than 100 million people around the world to be more resourceful with their food, and waste less food each year. 

Every squeeze with Hellmanns

Helping Fight Food Waste

At Hellmann’s, we believe that food is too good to be wasted. With our products reaching the homes of millions of people across America, we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to raise awareness about the issue of food waste and help people become more resourceful with their food. That is why we’ve committed ourselves to helping reduce food waste.

In 2020, we helped save and donated 1.2 million pounds of food to those in need

In 2020, as an initial step towards this larger vision, we launched the Hellmann’s Food Relief Fund, saving 1.2 million pounds of food from farms that would have otherwise gone to waste. We then helped redistribute this food to needy communities.

We’ve spent the last few years researching the space of food waste, and in 2021 will harness the power of our brand to action a plan to help create widespread change, ranging from consumer education to federal legislative policy. Our consumers can look forward to a variety of upcoming initiatives and efforts that we will be leading to move the needle on our mission to reduce food waste.

In 2020, we helped save and donated 1.2 Million pounds of food to those in need

Stopping food waste starts at home

A major focus for us this year is driving forward legislative policy for the Federal standardization and clarity of food date labels. We are laser-focused on solving the confusion around date labels, one of the most common and avoidable causes of consumer waste.

We’re leading this work with Eva Goulbourne of Littlefoot Ventures, and a founding team member of ReFED, in partnership with Emily Broad-Leib of the Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic and Dana Gunders as our technical advisory. With a stacked team of experts at the helm alongside us, our goal is to facilitate shared knowledge on Date Labelling and create an upswell of multi-stakeholder support to create federal legislation on standardized date labelling.

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