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Every Knorr helps get meals to those in need

Knorr is on a mission to inspire everyone to eat foods that are better for us and the planet. We know that what’s on your plate can have an impact on our health and the environment. But small changes can help make a difference. Join us by becoming an Eativist and help change the world by changing what’s on your plate.

The impact of what we eat goes beyond our plate

Luckily there’s a tasty solution to the problem, we just need to eat more of the good stuff. And Knorr provides products and nutritious recipes globally that taste great. We’re inspiring people to make three changes; eat less meat, more veggies and a wider variety of grains, beans, nuts and seeds, all grown in sustainable ways.

We partnered with the WWF to create the Future 50 Foods. Discover foods that are naturally nutritious, have a lower impact on our planet than animal-based foods, and can help safeguard the future of our food. Help change the world by changing what’s on your plate.

Donated over $1 million of product to feeding America

Knorr helps get meals to those in need

Knorr believes that wholesome, nutritious food should be accessible and affordable, for all. That’s not a reality for everyone in today’s America. That’s why we’re on a journey to ensure all Americans can create healthy meals they feel good about.

Whether it’s creating high-quality products, offering simple chef-developed recipes, or supporting organizations and initiatives that provide access to healthy foods, Knorr remains committed to its long history of making good food available to everyone.

Expanding Education and Resources About Nutrition

The fight for consistent access to nutritious, affordable food is a vast global issue and difficult to grasp. For over four decades Knorr has worked hard alongside committed partners to bring good food to those who need it. And we still have so much to achieve. The understanding of how nutrition impacts people is equally important to the accessibility of healthy food.

From small steps with big impact to working with food banks across the country, we’re working with diverse communities to achieve systemic change. As Knorr, we’re committed to fighting for what all people deserve, nutritious and affordable food.

Chef cooking veggies

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