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Every Suave provides access to the joy of beauty

Experience the joy of beauty

Beauty has benefits beyond physical appearance, it’s much more than a look. With the ability to spark joy, it’s a feeling that radiates from within. Beauty provides important benefits for what’s on and in your head.

Two women using Suave shampoo products

Unlock Beauty with Benefits

Discover the benefits of beauty everyday with Suave. 50% of all Americans have a Suave product in their home, providing us with the opportunity to share the joy that beauty gives to all. We believe in boosting your well-being with products, ingredients, and formulas, that will benefit what’s on your head and what’s in it. That’s why we are committed to unlocking access to the benefits of beauty for everyone, no matter their circumstances.

 Providing Access to Essentials

Since the pandemic began, Suave has donated more than 6.7 million hand sanitizers to various organizations. In 2020 we also created The Essential Workers fund with the nonprofit Modest Needs, providing financial grants to allow access to essential items for essential workers. This program gave Suave the opportunity to thank, celebrate and support essential workers.

Over 6.7 million hand sanitizers donated

Everyone deserves access to the joy of beauty

We’re committed to continuing to provide access to the benefits of beauty for all. You can look forward to Suave’s upcoming efforts, as we lead the charge on helping everyone get access to the benefits that beauty provides. Beauty is much more than looking beautiful on the outside. We want to help all to spark joy from within.

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