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Unilever Safety & Environmental Assurance Center

We take our responsibility to protect our consumers, our employees and the environment we live in very seriously.

Safety comes first

Our dedicated Safety & Environmental Assurance Center plays a central role in providing independent assurance and support for our products and processes. Safety decisions are made independently of commercial considerations.

Wide-ranging expertise

The center is based at Colworth, UK, and is responsible for carrying out the assessment and approval of product and supply chain technology design, considering consumer safety, occupational safety and the environment. We have experts in chemistry, environmental science, mathematics, statistics, modelling, medicine, microbiology, occupational & process safety, physical hazards and toxicology.

Tackling complex issues

Our multidisciplinary project teams tackle complex issues, and highly challenging projects, working in partnership with R&D colleagues from the initial stages of product development and scientific research to approve new ingredients, technologies & processes, applications & uses and novel delivery routes.

World-class reputation

Safety is about making decisions on what risks are acceptable and what are not. Risk Assessment is the core process used to identify hazard, quantify exposure and thereby determine potential risk. Based on Risk Assessment, a risk management decision can be made including any control measures necessary for the safe use of ingredients and processes for new and existing Unilever products. Our team has gained a world-class reputation and plays a key role in developing international methods and approaches in this area.

Working with others

Our scientists interact with policy makers, regulators and other authorities, contributing to the development of safety legislation. We also work with a variety of organizations, companies and trade associations, using our up-to-date scientific knowledge to promote and improve standards in consumer safety, occupational safety, and the environment

The aim is to assure the safety of consumers, customers, employees and the environment everywhere we operate.

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