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Job interview? Blind date? Stepping outside your comfort zone? Whatever challenge you’re facing, Degree won’t let you down.

What makes degree tick

Degree provides long-lasting odor and wetness protection for men and women who embrace everyday challenges, from the first step of the day to the last

Degree Women®

Degree Women Expert Protection with motionSENSE™: The more you move, the more it works! Degree Women Expert Protection with motionSENSE™ technology is the only anti-perspirant / deodorant formula activated directly by movement to release bursts of freshness, keeping you fresher for longer.

Degree Women Natureffects Collection with motionSENSE™: Dare to Join Forces with Nature. Degree Women Natureffects infuses Degree's top odor and wetness protection formula with fragrances inspired by natural ingredients. Try the matching body mists! Found in the deodorant aisle, the body mist adds a layered splash of refreshment to allow women to experience an uplifting, naturally inspired fragrance.

Degree Women Fine Fragrance with motionSENSE™: Exquisite Scents. Exceptional Protection. The Degree Women Fine Fragrance Collection combines long-lasting, sophisticated scents with Degree Women's 24-hour wetness and odor protection for everyday luxury. Try the matching body mist! Each anti-perspirant is paired with a matching body mist for the ultimate fine fragrance experience.

Degree Women Ultra Clear: Dare to Make a Statement in Black. Others go on clear, but Degree Ultra Clear stays clearer. The Little Black Dress approved formula alleviates white marks on skin and clothes, while giving you lasting odor and wetness protection so you look and feel fabulous - without the worry.

Degree Women Clinical Protection with motionSENSE™: Prescription strength wetness protection without a prescription. Degree Clinical Protection's TRIsolid™ body-response technology delivers strong prescription-strength defense against embarrassing wetness. And now, Degree Clinical Protection is infused with motionSENSE™ technology that is activated directly by movement to release bursts of freshness as you move.

Degree Girl®

Protection for Every OMG Moment. Crazy, exciting, or embarrassing, OMG! moments happen to everyone - So don't sweat it! Degree Girl is an anti-perspirant that's dermatologist-tested and body-responsive. Degree Girl gives you 24-hour odor and wetness protection, with irresistibly fresh scents, so you can be confident 24/7!

Degree Men®

Degree Men Dry Protection: Stay protected all day long! Experience the long lasting dry protection of Degree Men anti-perspirant/deodorant. When the heat is on, its unique body heat activated formula instantly responds to changes in your body temperature. Degree Men – it won’t let you down.

Degree Men Fresh Deodorant: Stay fresh all day long! Degree Men Fresh Deodorant works all day long to ensure you smell fresh from morning to night. Built with a unique time-released deodorizing system, Degree’s scent molecules release throughout your day ensuring long-lasting odor protection that won’t let you down.

Degree Men Adrenaline Series: The Degree Men Adrenaline Series gives you long lasting wetness protection and responds to increases in adrenaline by releasing extra bursts of fragrance when you sweat. Push beyond your limits and take on the challenge with Degree Men – it won’t let you down.

Degree Men Clinical Protection: Prescription strength wetness protection without a prescription. The TRIsolid™ body responsive technology of Degree Men Clinical Protection includes patented encapsulated odor-fighting technology. It is also water-resistant, providing clinical strength wetness protection, even after showering.

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