Inspired by our skincare regime, we’ve created a new way to care for your hair - one that’s cleverly tailored to your hair type, with ingredients that are just too good to rinse off!

Our Mission

Did you know 95% of your conditioner ends up down the drain? We figured you wouldn’t wash off your moisturizer, so why rinse off your conditioner? Inspired by our skincare regime, the good stuff is founded on the belief that there’s a better way to care for your hair, one that also respects the planet.

It’s important to us that our products work hard for your hair and for the environment. Our leave-in formulas save time and precious water, and by cutting consumption and waste (our bottles are 100% recycled & recyclable), we’re doing our bit for a happier, healthier planet.

Our Philosophy

Full of goodness
We only add stuff that has a clear role: to create a product your hair loves. Packed full of highly-potent, active ingredients with no parabens or dyes.

Custom-fit care
Find your perfect match: from rich creams to light foams, each formula is tailored to give your hair exactly what it needs.

Every drop counts
No rinse means no waste! The good stuff keeps working in your locks all day, plus it saves time and water.

Good for the planet
Our bottles are 100% recycled & recyclable and we’re proud to be certified vegan by Vegan Action.

Our Products

Our no-rinse conditioners and sulfate-free shampoo are specially formulated to tackle your biggest hair care worries. So whether you’ve got frizzy, fine, damaged, dry or color-treated hair, your quest for lustrous locks ends here.

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