Information Technology

Competitive advantage

Every day we're striving to do things bigger and better and faster than we have the day before, so it's all very exciting because there is a new opportunity to wake up in the morning and do something really different

Alex Dinsdale, Digital Planning Manager

Information Technology (IT) is a key lever for competitive advantage.

An IT placement on the Unilever Future Leader’s Program will see you learn all streams of the function, including developing tools for new ways of working, finding cutting edge solutions for our retailers or managing our internal IT infrastructure.

Unilever develops leaders

Our global learning programs are regarded as the best in the industry. We have internal academies for each business area designed to develop employees in functionally specific capabilities.

Did you know?

In IT at Unilever we enable 100,000 users to access their email on computers, smart phones, iPads and other devices.

Three ways you'll learn with us

  • Through formal learning: with in-house training

  • Through experience: with hands-on project work

  • Through people: work with experts in their fields and benefit from a buddy system

The Information Technology experience you'll get on the Unilever Future Leaders Program

Identify ways to improve business functions and processes, and demonstrate the business benefits. Includes project management.

Learn about improving service delivery using vendors and external suppliers, and developing network infrastructures.

Manage or provide an IT solution to a geography or function(s). Maintain operational integrity, ensuring it meets business needs.

You could be a part of a team designing and deploying a large IT solution, either at a global level or regional level.

Unilever’s strong customer focus requires IT employees to benefit from operational exposure to Customer Development.

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