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All the Ways You Can Share A Meal


One out of six children right here in our country faces hunger. Here are all the ways you can help, so that all children can have a brighter future.

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Though it may often be invisible, child hunger is a major issue here in America. That’s why Unilever has teamed up with Feeding America and donated more than 45 million meals in the past five years. But we know that we will need everyone to play their part to help end child hunger.

There are many ways you can help solve this problem, so that together we can make a big difference to those in need:

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Add a Shared Meal to Your Postmates Order

When you’re ordering yourself a delicious meal delivery on Postmates, you can now add in a shared meal, simply be clicking our #ShareAMeal button in their app! From November 6th 2016 until November 20th 2016 your action will trigger one meal donation to Feeding America™*, and you’ll even get a free Postmates Plus delivery!

Throw It Back to Share It Forward

Most of us have fond memories of sharing meals around the holidays with our families, but some aren’t so lucky. From November 6th 2016 up until November 24th 2016, you can use those memories to change that with our Flipagram #ShareAMeal challenge. You post your Flipagram featuring your family or friends sharing a meal with your favorite background track, and we’ll donate one meal to Feeding America*.

#ShareAMeal Through Social Media

When you engage with the hashtag #ShareAMeal, whether it’s a simple like or retweet, or uploading a photo on Instagram or Twitter, Unilever will donate a meal to Feeding America.* This year, we’re hoping to share a million meals with those in need, so help us reach our goal by spreading the word.

Organize a Food Drive

With Feeding America’s how-to guide, putting together a local food drive has never been easier, and they can even help you organize a drive online!

Host a Community Potluck

A potluck dinner open to your community can be a great way to help feed a crowd. Reach out to friends, neighbors and local charities for help creating a fun and filling gathering.

Volunteer at a Food Bank

Food banks are the epicenter of helping the hungry. In order to run effectively, they need volunteers to help with inventory and distribution. A few hours of your time can make a big difference; get volunteer information from our friends at Feeding America.

Packing an Extra Lunch

With one in six children in America facing hunger, your child may have classmates who are affected. Consider making an extra lunch to give to their teacher who may be able to pass it along to a child in need.

Host a Dinner for a Family in Need

Lastly, you don’t need to travel or cook for days to Share A Meal; in fact you can start with one family right in your own backyard! Making dinner for even one family you know may need a little help is a great way to help to end child hunger.

*Valid from 11/6-11/27, $.09 (monetary equivalent of 1 meal) from each engagement will be donated to Feeding America with a minimum of $75,000 and maximum of $150,000.

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