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Bathroom Recycling by the Numbers


When it comes to recycling, many people don’t consider the opportunities in the bathroom. Here are the steps you need to green your hygiene routine.

Unilever bathroom products in the shower

Most people have a recycling bin in their kitchen, but a survey found that less than half recycle their bathroom products. To fix this, we want to inspire more people to rinse, recycle and reimagine the new lives we can give plastics instead of sending them to landfills.

To kickstart this sustainable habit try putting a recycling bin in your bathroom, or building your own, to collect your shampoo and body wash bottles.

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The Bottle Breakdown

With all the different plastic bottles around the bathroom, recycling may seem confusing, but it’s as easy as 1, 2…5.

Look for these numbers inside the three-arrow recycling symbol on the backs or bottoms of plastic bottles; types 1 and 2 are most universally recyclable, with more and more recycling facilities starting to accept type 5.

Bathroom Recycling_Dove Image

Several Unilever shampoos, body washes and lotions are made from these commonly recyclable plastics, like products from Dove®, Suave Professionals® and Vaseline®. When empty, these bottles just need a quick rinse and they’re ready for your recycling bin.

Bathroom Recycling_Suave Image

Try to buy these types of plastic when you’re shopping so you can recycle them when they’re empty. It’s always a smart, sustainable move to recycle in your bathroom, and we encourage you to share photos of your green routine!

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