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Go green in your bathroom


Recycling doesn’t just take place in the kitchen. By making the process fun with a craft project, you can teach your kids the importance of recycling.

Go green in your bathroom

Being smart about your recycling is one of the best ways to improve the well-being of our planet and preserve its natural resources. It is also surprisingly easy and something everyone can do on a daily basis, which is why Unilever brightFuture is raising awareness around this issue. “Greening” your bathroom with its own recycling bin is the first step.

Many household and bathroom plastic bottles—including Dove® and Suave® shampoos and body washes—are 100% recyclable and often times come from recycled plastic. So why isn’t there a recycling bin in your bathroom? Now there can be. Here’s how:

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What you’ll need:

Empty box (diaper boxes work very well), giftwrap, spray adhesive, packing tape, ink pad, scissors, and trash bag.

What to do:

Step 1: Cut off the flaps of the box and set them aside to use later

Step 2: Measure the paper you’ll need to cover the large sides and the bottom of the box, add two inches on each side; do the same for the small sides and bottom of the box

Go Green - Steps1-2

Step 3: Choose the side you will start working on first (large or small side), and spray adhesive on the respective paper. Place one side of the box onto the sprayed paper and leave two inches on each side and top, lay the bottom and then the last side. Fold the two inches of extra paper into the box (neatly and secure with adhesive; repeat the same steps to cover the other sides).

Step 4: Take both longer flaps and place them side by side (on the long side). Cut enough gift wrap to cover one side leaving 1-2 inches on each of the four sides. Spray the gift wrap with adhesive and place the two pieces in the center. Fold over the four sides and secure with tape (don’t worry, you won’t even be able to see it!)

Go Green - Steps3-4

Step 5: Line your bin with a trash bag and place the wrapped longer flaps at the bottom of the bin so the nice side shows.

Step 6: Take both shorter flaps and place one on top of the other using the longer side and mend the two together with packing tape to ensure the two pieces are tightly secured together.

Go Green - Steps5-6

Step 7: Cut a piece of gift wrap large enough to cover the entire piece, leaving two inches on the shorter sides. Wrap the cardboard as you would a gift and fasten into your bin to create a divider and two compartments—one for plastics and one for cardboard recyclables.

Go Green - Step7

Not sure what plastic bottles are recyclable? Simply check the back label. If the bottle is made with Type 1 (PET) or Type 2 (HDPE) they are almost always recyclable; Type 5 (PP) is also increasingly accepted so toss these types in along with toilet paper tubes and other cardboard-wrapped items.

Be sure to share your new recycling bin with your friends on Facebook and Instagram with #brightFuture, and stay tuned for more Sunlight Activities by following us on Facebook.

Go Green - Recycle Box
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