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Less water, better shower: Dove® shows shower sense


Unilever partnered with Delta® Faucet Company to improve the shower experience, for you and the environment.

"A showerhead in use, spraying water"

As the maker of hundreds of personal care items from brands like Dove®, Axe® and Q-tips®, Unilever products are likely in your bathroom. But improving hygiene isn’t our only goal; by 2020 we aim to halve the environmental impact of our products.

We’ve made our packaging more sustainable, but another important issue to consider with bathroom products is how they impact people’s water usage.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Dove® Deep Moisture Body Wash has teamed up with the Delta® H2Okinetic Hydrafall™ Showerhead, which is WaterSense®-labeled, meaning it is more efficient than the average showerhead.

"Our partnership with Unilever is grounded in serving consumer desires while addressing increased national water supply challenges"

Jai Shah, president of Delta Faucet Company

Less water, better shower

When you think of saving water in the bathroom, most people think of shortening their showers. But what if you could make your showerhead more water efficient too? With H2Okinetic® Technology, water is dispersed in a special wave formation that creates larger droplets and a warmer-feeling shower.

What’s more, the Delta Hydrafall™ showerhead uses two gallons of water-per-minute instead of the standard 2.5, which can save a family up to 2,900 gallons of water a year. This showerhead even has a “pause” option to slow water to a trickle while you lather, saving even more.

Smart water usage is especially important as climate change could make droughts worse.

As a leader in skincare, it seemed fitting for Dove® to team up with an expert in showering. This unique partnership aims to raise awareness and demand for water-saving shower options, and show people they don’t need to compromise a satisfying shower experience to reduce their environmental impact.

Play your part

We know creating a #brightFuture isn’t something we can do alone, so we encourage everyone to take small steps, like switching to a water-saving showerhead. Together, we can create the big change the world needs.

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