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Where are they now: Marissa Medici


We follow up with an inspiring young Bright Future Award recipient.

Marissa Medici

Marissa Medici’s actions have been nothing short of impressive. From starting her high school’s environmental club, creating a drought tolerant garden to helping us reimagine bathroom recycling.

We knew she’d continue her environmental efforts since we awarded her a Bright Future Award at We Day California 2015, so we checked in with Marissa to hear about how the award helped extend her efforts and advice for other inspirational young people:

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You used your Bright Future Award to place recycling bins throughout schools, how has this increased recycling rates and awareness?

It has influenced more students to think twice about where they discard their trash items. By making recycling bins more numerous around campus, students are more likely to recycle.

You took water-conservation seriously and started a drought-tolerant garden in your high school in California. What are other ways you’ve helped encourage smart water management?

I try my best to educate my friends and family members to be all-around more water conscious whenever I get the chance. This can mean simply turning off the shower when shaving, pouring excess water on plants or reducing animal product consumption.

Most people don't realize it, but Americans actually use the most amount of water per person per day in the world: 176 gallons. With a little more consciousness, I believe we can significantly reduce this number.

How did your experience at We Day shape your future endeavors?

My experience at We Day made me realize that anyone, no matter how young, can make a difference in the world if they set their mind to it. I apply this mindset to everything I do.

Also, getting introduced to the people at Unilever was really inspiring and has strongly made me consider getting involved with Unilever after college.

What advice do you have for other young people who are looking to create change?

Do not let your age hinder your ideas and actions. If anything, embrace it! It's your generation's future. What do you want YOUR world to look like?

New Leaders, like Marissa, continue to inspire us. We admire how they’re working to create big change, so we created the Bright Future Award to recognize and encourage their efforts.

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