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Unilever Helps Local NJ School

Unilever Helps Local New Jersey School Create a Brighter Future!

On May 2, Unilever partnered with WE Take Charge, an initiative of the WE Movement made possible by Unilever, to help Joseph Battin School 4 in Elizabeth, New Jersey become a more ecofriendly and sustainable school. Students, faculty, administrators and Unilever volunteers helped Joseph Battin students decorate donated rain barrels and food composting tools.

Unilever’s Zahra Colley, Sustainable Living Associate, spoke with students about how Unilever is working with local New Jersey communities to help fulfill Unilever’s purpose: to make sustainable living commonplace. Zahra stated, “I work with a company that helped make my life better. Now I work to help other people’s lives better.” Zahra also explained to the students that small steps can create a big change, and provided insight into how their passion for sustainability and creating a brightFuture can lead to a purpose-driven and fun career!

WE Take Charge at Joseph Battin showcased Unilever’s continued involvement with WE, which has allowed Unilever to reach 1,000,000 students across the United States in the 2015-2016 school year. Through WE Take Charge, students across the United States are coming together to take weekly pledges to live sustainably by reducing negative impacts on the environment, boosting positive ones and helping schools go green. Students’ WE Take Charge actions are helping to build a greener tomorrow.