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Don’t ditch the day job


Blue collar, white collar, no collar – every job is different these days. But whatever it is you do, you can use your job to help make the world around you thrive. You just need to take the right mindset into work with you, says Andrew Winston – do you toe the line or be the change?

Andrew Winston

Author and sustainable business expert Andrew Winston passionately believes that companies can contribute to making the world a better place.

But the world is huge and many of today’s problems seem too big to fix. His isn’t a counsel of despair, however. Instead, he calls on each one of us to ask what we personally can do to create the changes we want to see.

Whether you act at home, in your community or through your work, you can make a difference.

“You have to bring your own view of what your job is. Basically, every job has a role to play… If we want to see this better thriving flourishing world, we have to act on all levels.”

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