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Eat, Sleep, Work… Replenish


We are what we eat, and we eat what we farm. These twin convictions lie behind Jill Isenbarger’s passion to transform North America’s food system. By farming in harmony with nature, the food that Americans eat can become healthier for them and for the planet.

Eat, Sleep, Work… Replenish

As the world’s cities grow, so many of us are becoming increasingly detached from the countryside. To help reconnect us to the food we eat, Stone Barns runs farms across the US that demonstrate in practice what healthy, sustainable farming looks like.

“What we’re trying to do is think creatively with others about how you harness the power of nature. So, a way of working with the land to grow plants and animals that feed humans and others,” she says.

With an eye to the next generation of farmers, Stone Barns trains young apprentices in the latest agroecological techniques and then sends them out to manage their own farms.

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