New iced tea options from Lipton help you stay cool

Studies show that drinking tea is a good source of hydration.

Englewood Cliffs, N.J. -- Just in time for summer, Lipton®, the world's leading tea brand, introduces new and newly reformulated ready-to-drink iced tea beverages that are refreshing and convenient. New great tasting options include Lipton® Original Iced Tea, the leading national bottled iced tea brand made with fresh brewed tea, not from powders or concentrate; and New Lipton® Iced Tea, great tasting with a new convenient, no-break plastic packaging.

Available in a variety of thirst quenching flavors, Lipton's® ready-to-drink iced teas have the classic taste of home-brewed iced tea, but can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Straight from the leaf so they retain more of tea's natural goodness, most flavors feature Lipton's® proprietary AOX(TM) Seal, which indicates a significant level of antioxidants.

"The summer months are an ideal time to enjoy a refreshing glass of iced tea," said Bauke Rouwers, Unilever Vice President/General Manager, Lipton® Tea North America. "As a leader in tea, Lipton® is excited to introduce these products. New Lipton® Original Iced Tea and newly reformulated Lipton® Iced Tea have all the goodness and great taste of iced tea in two convenient ready-to-drink formats."

When temperatures rise during the summer months, it is normal to lose more fluids through perspiration, and it becomes necessary to drink more to replenish lost fluids. In addition, those who exercise in the summer need to drink even more than their sedentary counterparts. In fact, many studies have shown that dehydration negatively impacts physical performance by impairing the body's ability to cool itself and by increasing heart rate.

The effects of drinking tea on hydration status and mood were studied in nine male and four female members of expeditions based at Mount Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 17,745 feet. The study found that even in high altitudes, where fluid balance is stressed, there is no evidence that tea acts as a diuretic; and that the subjects could maintain fluid balance with tea. In addition, team drinking had a positive effect on mood. In fact, the tea drinkers in the Mount Everest study reported less fatigue than the non-tea drinkers.

"The results of this study reinforce that drinking tea does not lead to dehydration," said Douglas Balentine, Ph.D., Director Nutrition Sciences, Unilever Health Institute. "Lipton's® ready-to-drink iced teas are a convenient and great tasting way to stay hydrated during the active summer months."

About Lipton® Ready To Drink Iced Teas

Lipton® Original Iced Tea: Enjoy Lipton® Original Iced Tea, the leading national bottled iced tea brand made with fresh brewed tea, not from powders or concentrate. All sweetened Lipton® Original Iced Teas have been reformulated with an eight to 12 percent reduction in sugar and calories.* New Diet Sweet Lipton® Original, made with Splenda,® is a no calorie, no carb and no sugar version of Lipton's® number one selling Sweetened Tea.

Discover the great taste of fresh-brewed tea, with all the benefits of the leaf, including antioxidants. Lipton® Original Iced Tea is made from hand selected tea leaves and bottled for you.

*Extra Sweet is the only exception.

Available in a variety of delicious flavors: Sweetened, Unsweetened, Green Tea with Honey, Lemon, Raspberry, Peach, Diet Sweet Tea, Diet Lemon, Extra Sweet.

New Lipton® Iced Tea: Great-tasting, new Lipton® Iced Tea contains naturally protective antioxidants. Refreshing and convenient, Lipton® Iced Tea is available in 20-ounce plastic bottles. Look for 6- and 12-pack multi-packs for easy on-the-go refreshments

Available in a variety of delicious flavors

Green Tea with Citrus, Iced Tea with Lemon, Diet Green Tea with Citrus, Diet Iced Tea with Lemon.

Visit to order Lipton® Teas online, or use the product locator to find a store that carries your favorite Lipton® products. At you can learn about the health benefits of tea and watch a demonstration of the power of the antioxidants found in Lipton® Teas.

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