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Share a food emoji with Knorr this World Food Day

Be part of a global movement for good nutrition and #ShareAMeal to support local food charities

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ (October 13, 2016) – To mark World Food Day on October 16th, Knorr – Unilever’s largest global food brand – is cooking up a simple social recipe to raise awareness about the fact that one in four people around the world do not receive the right vitamins and minerals to lead a healthy, active life1. Additionally, through a donation of $20,000, Knorr U.S. is helping to provide 220,000 meals to Feeding America in recognition of World Food Day. One dollar helps provide 11 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.

Knorr is passionate about making good nutrition available for all and wants to give its consumers the opportunity to show they care, too. To support World Food Day, Knorr will launch its #ShareAMeal campaign to encourage people across the world to join a conversation about the importance of nutritious food using the “world’s first truly global language” – emojis.

Those that post #ShareAMeal from October 13th – 20th alongside a food emoji on Twitter will receive a “real-moji” in response – a real photo perfectly matching their food emoji. Knorr worked with talented photographers and food stylists to bring to life ten different food emojis, representing popular dishes from across the world.

“Hunger in America is not a problem that we can see easily even though it exists in every county in the United States,” said Nancy Curby, Interim Senior Vice President of Development at Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief and food rescue organization. “As we strive to feed more people in need and help them achieve a more food-secure future, we are grateful for the support of partners like Knorr.”

Along with the “real-moji,” Knorr will also include a link to donate $5 or an amount of your choice to the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) to support GFN in its efforts to make nutritious food accessible to all via its global network of local food banks.

“As a global food brand, we can use our scale to help address important global issues like food security and nutrition,” said Cathryn Sleight, Senior Vice President at Knorr. “The #ShareAMeal campaign makes a critical global issue relevant, shareable and topical in the news agenda, and we’re hugely excited about what it can achieve. Together with the World Food Programme and the Global FoodBanking Network, Knorr is investing in nutrition, giving more people the opportunity to reach their full potential and creating a community which believes in the importance of nutritious food being accessible to more people.”

Once the campaign is complete, the Global FoodBanking Network will use these funds to support their food bank network of 792 local food banks in over 30 countries across the globe.

“This initiative will give people around the world an opportunity to make a small difference in improving global access to nutritious food,” noted Lisa Moon, President and CEO of the Global FoodBanking Network. “The #ShareAMeal campaign will build awareness and drive engagement that will be vital in ensuring that families everywhere have access to nutritious meals.”

For the third year in a row, Knorr will also celebrate World Food Day by playing its part and donating a million meals through its global partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP)2. Over the last three years, Knorr has supported WFP, the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger, to provide nutritious school meals to children around the world. As a result, WFP has ensured thousands of children benefit from access to the education and nutrition they need to enjoy a bright future.

“World Food Day provides a fantastic opportunity to highlight the need for more nutritious food for all, and backing from brands like Knorr is vital to spreading the word,” said Jay Aldous, World Food Programme Director of Private Sector Partnerships. “Another one million meals for schools will help to make a real difference where it is needed most.”

People looking to get involved in this year’s campaign can follow Knorr on Twitter using #ShareAMeal or find out more about this year’s campaign at. Donations to the UN World Food Programme can also be made at


1 FAO, IFAD and WFP. 2014. The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014. Strengthening the enabling environment for food security and nutrition. Rome, FAO. Page 51, Note 6.

2 WFP does not endorse any product or service.

Notes to editors:

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About Unilever Partnership with the UN World Food Programme:

Unilever and its global partner, UN World Food Programme, have been working together since 2007 to provide school meals in the developing world. During that time, Unilever has provided over $30 million of support to World Food Programme. In 2014, Knorr, Unilever’s largest global food brand, made its first donation of one million nutritious cooked school meals on World Food Day. Overall, the Unilever Global Partnerships team mission is to improve quality of life by providing hygiene, sanitation, access to safe drinking water and basic nutrition and by enhancing self-esteem.

About the World Food Programme (WFP) and World Food Day:

WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience. Each year, WFP assists some 80 million people in around 80 countries. World Food Day was established in 1981 by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and offers the chance to strengthen national and international solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty. For more information about WFP, visit

About The Global FoodBanking Network:

The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) is a nonprofit organization that nourishes the world’s hungry through launching and strengthening food banks in more than 30 countries. Last year GFN member food banks rescued over 420 million kilograms of food and redirected it to feed more than 6.8 million people through 27,000 social service organizations. For more information please visit