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Embracing diversity, a year later

As we celebrate the milestones of the past year, Unilever continues to work towards diversity and inclusion.

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Since Unilever joined forces with The Ad Council last year for Love Has No Labels, the world has seen tremendous strides towards equality. Perhaps the most celebrated achievement was the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic legalization of same-sex marriage, which gave millions of Americans the equal rights and dignity they deserve. But there were other equally important milestones as well, especially in gender equality and advancement in transgender visibility.

Starting the conversation

Last year, during Valentine’s Day, Unilever was proud to partner with Love Has No Labels to help expand the conversation with this video.

The first Love Has No Label’s video captured widespread attention with its unique statement on diversity and inclusion, and was viewed more than 160 million times since its debut-- making it the 2nd most viewed video on Facebook in 2015.

This year, Unilever has joined forces with the Ad Council again for a video that helps us rethink biases and remind everyone that #lovehasnolabels. 

Another integral part of increasing inclusion, is taking action against a common and often overlooked part of daily life: bias.  

Sometimes it can be hard to identify bias within ourselves, or even recognize that small biases can have damaging results. See for yourself by taking this quiz.

Regardless of your answers, everyone can read these real stories about biases and how they affect people across different races, abilities, and sexuality. It’s easy to see why we should take action to help stop the bias in our daily lives.

Sharing love, sharing stories

Even with the progress we’ve made, there’s still more to be done: approximately one-in-five adults still report that they themselves are prejudiced or discriminatory.

Head over to Faces of Love to create your own photo and show that love has no age, disability, gender, race or religion, and share your story to show the world that #lovehasnolabels.

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