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#ReimagineThat sustainability kickstarters

You can start helping the environment in your very own home. Kickstart your sustainability habits with these quick eco-tips.

Bottle Recycling Bin

Using your bathroom recycling bin is a great sustainable start, but try these other tips to kick start recycling in the bathroom and beyond.

Bathroom breakthroughs

Everyday actions

  • Stash a reusable tote bag in your car and office so you can grab it when you shop and help cut down on the 100 billion plastic bags used every year. 
  • Support brands that care about the environment like Q-tips® cotton swabs, which sources paper for its sticks and packaging from sustainable forests. 
  • Today’s electronics use materials that often must be mined, so recycling your old laptops or cellphones saves energy as well as resources.

If you’re looking for more ways to kick-start your sustainability habits, check out Keep America Beautiful—the nation’s leading recycling non-profit and our proud partner. But above all, think about recycling by asking yourself, “Can I #ReimagineThat?” Small acts of good add up to make a big difference for our environment.

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