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Unilever Employee Shuttle

General Info:

The Unilever NYC Shuttle, operated by Pegasus, provides transportation for Unilever Employees, Contractors, and Interns from New York City and Hoboken to Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Please send an email to for any questions or concerns.

Please follow the guidelines below while riding the shuttle.

  1. Seat belt usage is required by New Jersey state law.
  2. Riders are to remain seated with seatbelts on until the shuttle has come to a full stop.
  3. Walking in the aisle will be strictly prohibited when the bus is in motion.
  4. The shuttle front passenger seat will be deemed the “Bus Marshall” position.

a. Role responsibilities:

i. Ensure all passengers are seated and wearing seat belts prior to the driver taking off.

ii. Ensure all passengers remain seated while vehicle is in motion.

  1. Shuttle drivers will ensure shuttle riders have properly disembarked prior to the vehicle moving. Passengers shall clear the vehicle & close the door after disembarking the shuttle.
  2. Passengers should remain vigilant and follow the above safety rules – safety is everyone’s responsibility
  3. Shuttle drivers are to adhere to Unilever’s Motor On = Mobile Off (MoMo) policy and it forbids the use of a mobile device while operating a vehicle.
  4. You must scan your Shuttle ID badge. Scans are used to refine deployments, continue to reduce costs and reduce wait times. A new badge can be obtained at the 700 Sylvan Security desk.
  5. Represent Unilever by being polite with drivers, dispatchers, and other riders.
  6. Please refrain from holding personal calls while riding the shuttle. If you must take a work call, please be considerate of other passengers.
  7. Report unsafe conditions and concerns related to payroll to Work Place Services (WPS) or via the Contact Us form on this site.
  8. Shuttle drivers are empowered to enforce all safety rules and will notify Unilever of any violations – this will be taken to HR and the individual’s line manager.

Note: Violations of these rules may result in immediate removal from the shuttle and future use of this benefit.

WIFI Password: ulshuttle

You will need a Unilever ID badge to board the shuttle.

Please be at the designated shuttle stop location before the scheduled pick-up.

If you should have any trouble please contact Pegasus at 201-867-1677, hit option 2 and you should be put through directly to a dispatcher.

Shuttle Notifications via Text-Messaging:

In the event of a delay, construction, or other shuttle related information, Pegasus will send notifications to riders via SMS. To receive these notifications, please send a text message with the message “UNILEVER SHUTTLE” to

Text-Messaging: Pegasus will text you in the event of a delay, construction etc. To set yourself up please send a text message to with your name, phone number & phone carrier (Verizon, AT&T, etc.)

Twitter Alerts: If you prefer Twitter alerts, please look for Unilever Shuttle on Twitter and request to follow the account.

Pegasus Website: user name: Unilever password: 700

GPS Tracking: Download the app InTouch Fleet User name: password: $huttl3.