Our Supplier Diversity Business Practices

Amanda Sourry: President, North America

President, Unilever North America

We believe that our commitments to Supplier Diversity strengthen the agenda of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan and allow us to achieve goals within our business and through our partnerships with our supplier base. Our Unilever Supplier Diversity Business Practice helps us reach our goals, form important partnerships with our supplier base and holds us accountable as a business on our path to becoming the leader in sustainable business.

Todd Williams: Head of North America Procurement

USA todd

As a company with both local and global reach, we are committed to supporting a system in which diverse suppliers can thrive in an everchanging economic world. We believe that promoting diverse businesses is pivotal for creating a more inclusive and dynamic business.

We are committed to fostering business partnerships that include Minority Owned Businesses, Women Owned Businesses, People with Disabilities Owned Businesses, Veteran Owned Business, and LGBTQ+ owned businesses. Our aim is to build forums for new business innovations, drive a healthy competitive landscape, and foster unique partnerships with various businesses through our supplier diversity program.

The work of growing our diverse supplier base is transformative for the Unilever North American procurement organization. Our commitment includes but is not limited to:

  1. Including diverse suppliers in business activities where possible, including RFQs, RFPs, e-Tenders, and when seeking new suppliers for business opportunities.
  2. Highlighting our commitment to driving a competitive advantage within our supplier base and seeking the highest quality product.
  3. Establishing forums to bring diverse suppliers to the table and vet potential opportunities and new business ideas within Unilever.
  4. Educating all internal teams about supplier diversity to support our end-to-end supply chain.
  5. Collaborating with external partners and key business players to ensure that we are supporting avenues and forums that allow the topic of diversity and inclusion to thrive.
  6. Ensuring that a steering committee is driving the agenda for supplier diversity across the business.
  7. Educating and providing technical assistance to diverse suppliers in our network to ensure their success.
  8. Identifying opportunities to develop inclusive and diverse principles within our non-diverse top supplier partners.
  9. Taking any actions in good faith to drive the mission of supplier diversity as it links to the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP).
Matthias John
Matthias John

Head of Supplier Diversity & Director of North America Procurement Foods & Refreshments

"Our North American Supplier Diversity program gives us the unique opportunity to drive change within the Unilever business and work with companies that directly mirror our customer base. In 2018 we revamped our supplier diversity program to champion diverse business practices. We are committed to working with suppliers that share our values and seek to develop diversity of thoughts, practice, and business”

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At Unilever we have ambitious plans to grow our business while reducing our overall environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact, effective partnering with our suppliers is a necessary ingredient for Unilever to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. Below you can find links to resources that explain our sustainability and diversity and inclusion principles and the mutual responsibilities that Unilever and our suppliers have to enable us to grow with each other sustainably.

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