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Dove grew from a moisturizing Beauty Bar into a global brand with a range of products: body washes, hand and body lotions, facial cleansers, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners and hair styling.

In 2004, Dove began its Campaign for Real Beauty, followed by the creation of the Dove Self-Esteem Fund in 2006. It aims to be “an agent of change to educate and inspire girls on a wider definition of beauty and to make them feel more confident about themselves”. Dove have created a number of online-only short films, including Daughters (which was also broadcast during the Super Bowl XL), Evolution (which won two awards at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival), Onslaught and Amy.

Dove is committed to helping all women realize their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care. Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone, because when you look and feel your best, you feel better about yourself.

Our products:

A commitment to quality for more than 50 years.

Now the world's top cleansing brand, Dove has been at the forefront of research and breakthrough technologies since the brand’s inception. It all started with the launch of the Dove Beauty Bar in 1957, which revolutionized the way women cared for their skin by providing the first alternative to soap that was less drying to skin. This promise remains at the heart of our brand and has launched a number of other products, supported by the industry's longest-running medical program.

In addition to Dove Beauty Bars, Dove makes nourishing Body Wash, Deodorant, Dry Spray Antiperspirant, Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Aids all designed to help women take great care of themselves. Launched in 2010, Dove Men+Care is the first range of products from Dove developed specially for men. The line includes the #1 dermatologist recommended Body Wash, Body Bars, Antiperspirants/Deodorants, and Hair Care, providing care for men today to make them feel stronger.

Dove can be found in nearly half of all homes in the US.

Our mission

Dove® is rooted in listening to women. The Campaign for Real Beauty was launched in 2004 after a major global study – The Real Truth About Beauty - revealed that only 2% of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful. This sparked a global conversation about the need for a wider definition of beauty.

New Dove global research reveals that beauty anxiety persists among women and girls. Most women are unable to recognize their own beauty, which can greatly impact their self-esteem and confidence. Only 4% of women around the world currently consider themselves beautiful. Further, when girls feel bad about their looks more than 60% (age 15 to 17) avoid normal daily activities such as attending school, going to the doctor, or even giving their opinion.

In response, Dove evolved the campaign and launched the Dove Self-Esteem Project in 2006 to help ensure the next generation of women grow up to be free from misconstrued beauty stereotypes and the burden of self-doubt. Together with experts and key partners (in the U.S., Dove supports the work of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Girls, Inc., and Boys & Girls Clubs of America) Dove has created self-esteem building educational programs and activities that encourage, inspire and motivate girls around the world to reach their full potential.

We have reached more than 19 million girls so far with this programming. Together, our efforts have moved the needle in a positive direction. But there is more to be done.

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