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Diverse Supplier Feature: Karina Massicotte of Morehouse Canada


cultivating food products

Through our Supplier Diversity Program, Unilever is committed to working with suppliers that share our purpose and values, and that are intentional about the impact their operations have on society. The Unilever Supplier Diversity Program is sharing stories around powerful and inspiring women in our supply chain for Women’s History Month.

We spent time chatting with Karina Massicotte, president and owner of Morehouse Canada, which supplies condiments used within the Unilever Foods & Refreshment products. Karina leads a woman-owned business committed to developing healthy, innovative, and delicious products for Unilever.

1.Will you start off by introducing your company and what you supply to Unilever?

Aliments Morehouse Canada LTD is a North American leader in producing condiments such as specialty mustards, dressings, mayonnaises, dips, BBQ sauces, etc. We produce products for Maille, Knorr, and Hellmann`s.

2.What excites you about this product and the process behind cultivating food products?

The Condiment category has evolved so much in the last years. Customers today are looking for healthier choices, such as sulfites free products, organic, or clean labels. Gathering around a table filled with healthy good choices prepared with care taught me the importance of offering the same options to customers and families. As a business we always looked to prioritize healthy choices. In the early 2000s, we had already created sulfite free Dijon mustard recipes.

We continue to pride ourselves in presenting options to customers through out clean label dressings and vegan mayonnaise. Something that sparks inspiration for our business is looking at various cuisines and cultures around the world.

3.What is the best advice your received as a woman who wanted to run your own business?

There are times that the top can be lonely. To that I say it is so important to surround yourself with inspirational leaders and mentors. This has been instrumental for me and I have been fortunate to have a great mentor, that I can have open discussion with on challenges I face.

An important lesson my mentor taught me is – how important it is to stay true to your values. We all have the ability to become and be great leaders. I see this lived through my responsibility to take care of my customers, employees, and partners. I find it important not to take things for granted, to work hard, and have a continued passion for the work I do every day.

4.How can women-owned businesses differentiate themselves in the marketplace?

An important aspect for me as I lead a woman owned business has been my focus on my core values. Working with this mindset has allowed me to grow my business with confidence.

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