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How Hellmann’s is tapping into the flavored mayo trend


From garlic to chipotle, there’s a growing appetite for flavor in the mayo market. We look at how Hellmann’s portfolio of flavored mayonnaise is delivering growth for the brand.

A line-up of Hellmann’s flavoured, squeeze bottle mayos pictured with key ingredients like limes, chillies, garlic and herbs.

It used to be a question of mustard, mayo or ketchup.

Now the question is, which flavor of mayo?

Flavored mayonnaises currently represent a fast-growing market that consumers appear keen to dip into. Kantar research shows that over 35% of non-users are willing to buy and try.

Our power brand, Hellmann’s, has been an early adopter in this space, launching its first flavored mayo in Brazil, one of the brand’s key markets, in 2020.

Since then, the market has developed, with flavored mayo now accounting for over 7% of overall US mayo sales and growing fast.[a] Hellmann’s portfolio of flavored mayonnaise has also seen significant growth, with sales almost doubling in 2023.

Close-up of a chip being tipped into a bowl of Hellmann’s flavoured garlic mayo.

What’s behind this appetite for flavor?

“The critical thing about our flavored mayos is that they are being bought alongside our Hellmann’s core flavors,” says Peter Harbour, Global Vice President, Hellmann’s & Dressings. “Consumers are approaching flavored mayos as an extension of our classic recipe, not a replacement. They’re expanding their mayo occasions to grilling, dipping and more.”

So, what’s the big attraction? For home cooks, flavored mayos can offer multiple advantages. From a touch of zingy French garlic to the Tex-Mex smoky tones of BBQ, flavored mayos can effortlessly and almost instantaneously change the taste profile of a dish.

Flavored mayonnaises also tap into the ‘fakeaway’ trend that has seen consumers looking to recreate restaurant and food stall flavors at home.

“The aim is to bring some excitement and fun to the brand through these new variations,” says Peter. “Being playful with flavors and tapping into local tastes helps keep our brand on trend and relevant to younger audiences too.”

The critical thing about our flavored mayos is that they are being bought alongside our Hellmann’s core flavours.

Peter Harbour, Global Vice President, Hellmann’s & Dressings

Optimizing sales by leveraging the geography of taste

However, which mayo matches which home depends very much on location.

“Taste profiles are geographically engrained,” says Peter.

“What matters for us is that each country defines a winning range of locally relevant flavored mayos. Some of these will be relevant across many markets, like our Garlic and Spicy varieties, while other flavors are tailored to very specific ones,” he explains.

Examples of these more localized taste sensations include Truffle in Europe, Chilli Lime in the US, and Verde in Brazil.

Image of a Hellmann’s chilli- flavoured mayo squeeze bottle in front of a fully loaded burger.

Optimizing success by combining consumer preferences

And just to ensure optimized sales success, Hellmann’s has matched the new mayo range with another consumer favorite – squeeze bottle packaging.

“Squeeze bottle packaging is our fastest growing format, offering consumers the advantage of a new effortless and convenient way to apply mayonnaise to their sandwiches, burgers and more. This enables us to premiumise the category, and by combining both, we’re making these products as attractive as possible,” says Peter.

“Hellmann’s flavors offer people a simple way to transform meals according to their culinary mood,” he continues.

“Through this range, we’re providing new options to existing consumers who want to expand their mayo wardrobe, but also reaching new customers with fresh and locally relevant flavors. Personally, Chipotle Mayo is my new go-to this summer.”


Circana research data (April 2024)

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