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Unlock Hair’s Potential with New Dove Scalp + Hair Therapy Collection


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The new range is designed to visibly boost hair density.

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Englewood Cliffs, N.J., March 25, 2024 – Today, Dove announced the nationwide debut of its Dove Scalp + Hair Therapy Collection, a new premium range of products uniquely formulated to treat the source of beautifully growing hair – the scalp. Developed with dermatologists and backed by 65 years of Dove science and expert care, new Dove Scalp + Hair Therapy offers affordable, accessible and clinically proven results.

A preventative range designed to nourish, strengthen and transform hair from root to tip, the line’s six products are formulated to provide visibly thicker, stronger and fuller hair, revolutionizing the Dove approach to hair care by boosting scalp and hair health with high-performance ingredients.

"For the Dove Scalp + Hair Therapy collection, our R&D team dedicated time to scientific development, while drawing upon decades of Dove research, to create a unique approach to scalp care that delivers clinically proven results,” says Beth Labrecque, Principal Scientist for Dove. “Most people used to overlook the scalp, not knowing that 99% of hair’s natural nourishment and strength comes from the scalp[a]. Knowing that the hair bulb (papilla) is the living root of the hair follicle, we created formulas proven to enhance scalp health, thus promoting a nourished environment for hair follicles to thrive. For example, the Fullness Restore Density Boost Scalp Serum uses a blend of niacinamide (vitamin B3) to strengthen and moisturize the scalp barrier, peptides and zinc to nourish the follicle and fortify the roots, and glycerin to hydrate and help encourage a healthy scalp environment.”

The Dove Scalp + Hair Therapy collection comes to market amid an ever-growing conversation regarding the connection between scalp health and hair health.

“We understand that women are increasingly prioritizing scalp care, recognizing it as a vital step in their hair health routine,” says Brian Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer, Unilever North America Beauty and Wellbeing. “Dove is committed to providing affordable, effective products that are backed by science and proven to work, and we’re proud to offer this collection as a clinically proven addition to your routine, no matter where you are in your scalp health journey.”

The full Dove Scalp + Hair Therapy Density Boost range is designed to care for your hair from the scalp right through to the tips. Unlock your hair’s full potential with the complete scalp care regimen, including:

For those beginning their scalp health journey, or simply looking to understand what products are best for their personal scalp care needs, Dove has developed the Dove AI Scalp + Hair Therapist tool. Accessible via, the Dove AI Scalp + Hair Therapist will recommend the best Dove Scalp + Hair Therapy products for you after learning about your hair type and goals via an interactive, 12 question assessment. Consult the Dove AI Scalp + Hair Therapist for your personalized regimen HERE.

The Dove Scalp + Hair Therapy collection is now available at major retailers including Amazon, Target, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens, in-store and online, for a suggested retail price of $9.99 per product.


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An independent clinical trial with 74 women over a period of 90 days showed that 89% of women felt their hair was thicker and stronger.


Salon study with 40 women with thin, fine hair, 2023.


Salon study with 40 women with thin, fine hair, 2023.


Salon study with 40 women with dry, fine hair, 2023.


Salon study with 40 women with dry, fine hair, 2023.

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