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Healthcare Professional Resources

At Unilever, we believe in partnering with Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) to encourage food that tastes good, feels good and is a force for good. Whether you work in retail, foodservice, or directly with clients, we have resources to encourage and empower consumers to create a balanced diet.

Resources for a balanced diet

Registered Dietition


Plant-Based Eating


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  • Lipton Tea & Health Toolkit
  • Black & Green Tea Heart Health
  • Lipton Matcha Resource
  • Lipton Wellness Supplement Resource
  • T + Probiotics
  • Advances in Nutrition, 2019 - A comprehensive review on the current and potential role of beverages as part of the Dietary Guidelines, specifically beverages that are phytonutrient dense. In summary, the study found that drinking unsweetened tea has health benefits and is a concentrated source of dietary phytonutrients, specifically flavonoids.
  • Advances in Nutrition, 2020 - A new meta-analysis sponsored by Unilever, which is the most comprehensive study to date on tea and heart health, published in Advances in Nutrition, finds yet another reason to enjoy the beverage, and a surprising one: with each cup of green or black tea you drink, you may lower your risk of death from cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality.
  • Nutrients, 2019 (PDF | 2MB) (PDF 1.53 MB) - Sponsored by Unilever this study explored whether tea consumption is related to an individual’s diet quality. In other words, do unsweetened tea drinkers have healthier diets? In short, yes!
  • The Journal of Nutrition, 2020 - Sponsored by Unilever, this study indicates adult tea consumers have significantly higher intakes of total flavonoids and flavan-3-ols than did non-consumers. Flavonoid intakes in adults is largely determined by tea consumption.


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