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Planet & Society – Positive Nutrition

Our mission is to provide products that taste good, make people feel good and are a force for good.

FReSH spotlight

As one of the biggest consumer goods companies in the world, with a large Nutrition & Icecream portfolio, we’re mindful of the huge impact we can make through our scale and reach. We aim to produce tasty, accessible, affordable and nutritious products, and encourage people to make nutritious choices through transparent labelling and balanced portions .

But our responsibility goes further than looking only at nutrition: we strive to source our ingredients sustainably and support farmers and others who make their livelihood from working with us. And we’re reducing our environmental footprint , in particular by offering more plant-based options , eliminating food waste as much as possible and reducing the impact of our plastic packaging .

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Reducing Salt, Sugar and Calories: Our Progress by Country

We’re cutting salt, sugar and calories from our products while keeping their great taste. Our USLP and Compass commitments cover our worldwide Nutrition & Icecream business. As well as reporting our global results, we’ve tracked our progress across key countries including the United States.

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