Knorr®-Lipton® launches first mainstream side made with whole grains

Knorr®- Lipton®Sides™ made with whole grains offers a “whole” new way to do dinner -- Whole Grains Council Partnership supports launch.

Knorr®- Lipton® Sides™, a prominent brand within Unilever (NYSE: UL, UN), has created the first mainstream line of both pasta and rice side dishes made with whole grains. Whole grains or foods made from them contain all the essential parts and naturally-occurring nutrients of the entire grain seed. Without preservatives or artificial flavors or colors, Knorr®- Lipton® Sides™ Made with Whole Grains provides an easy way to obtain one or more of the three whole grain servings (or three one ounce-equivalents) recommended per day by the USDA food pyramid.

The product is available in four varieties: Alfredo Pasta, Chicken Pasta, Chicken Broccoli Rice and Sesame Chicken Rice. Knorr®- Lipton® Sides™ Made with Whole Grains will be fully available nationwide at grocery, mass and club retail outlets by January 2006.

Consumer Demand and Education

As a global food leader, the Knorr®- Lipton® team developed Sides™ Made with Whole Grains through extensive research and testing, fueled by consumers’ desire to eat more wholesome food without sacrificing taste or convenience.

Research indicates that Americans eat far less than the recommended three servings of whole grains per day. According to a survey of Americans 20 years and older, only eight percent of the study participants consumed the suggested three servings per day.[1] A study of U.S. children and teenagers reported that their whole grain consumption was less than one serving per day.[2] This is below the minimum USDA recommendation of one and a half servings for children ages two to three and much lower than the three servings suggested for children nine and above.

Knorr®- Lipton® Sides™ Made with Whole Grains is a culinary innovation that helps families meet those guidelines in a way that works with their time-pressed lifestyles.

“The product’s initial distribution to retailers and early consumer response has greatly exceeded our expectations,” said Barry Sands, Unilever Senior Brand Manager, Knorr World, U.S. “This proves to us that customer interest in Knorr®- Lipton® Sides™ Made with Whole Grains is strong, and that we’re answering the consumer need for food that is wholesome, tastes good and is easy to prepare.”

Partnership with Whole Grains Council

To launch the product publicly, the makers of Knorr®- Lipton® Sides™ have joined the Whole Grains Council (WGC), a leading consortium of industry, scientists and chefs working with Oldways Preservation Trust to increase consumption of whole grains for better health. Activity with the Council includes lead sponsorship by Knorr®- Lipton® Sides™ of the winter Whole Grains Conference, “Getting Whole Grains to 3,” in Orlando (Jan. 18-20, 2006), a joint survey on America’s familiarity with and consumption of whole grains, and the use of WGC and chef spokespeople for media opportunities.

“Knorr®- Lipton® Sides™ is a wonderful addition to the Whole Grains Council,” said Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food & Nutrition Strategies, Oldways Preservation Trust. “Applying the company’s respected culinary skill to the whole grains category is of benefit to consumers everywhere.”

Fully - Integrated Marketing Campaign:

Complementing work with the Whole Grains Council, the brand will initiate extensive in-store and advertising programs for Knorr®- Lipton® Sides™ Made with Whole Grains. In select supermarkets, consumers will find recipes and educational material about the product. Accompanying these efforts will be a FSI (Sunday newspaper insert) and radio promotion as well as national print ads by DDB. An Internet advertising campaign will reinforce the off-line elements.

To learn more about Knorr®- Lipton® Sides™ Made with Whole Grains, visit For nutritional information and sodium content, see package or Web site for details.

[1]Slavin, Joanne (May 2004) Whole grains and human health. Nutrition Research Reviews, Volume 17, 100.


About Knorr®

The largest brand within Unilever with $4 billion in sales globally, Knorr ®is defined by its passion for great food. The history of the Knorr® brand dates back to 1838 when Carl Heinrich Knorr pioneered experiments in drying seasonings and vegetables to preserve their flavor and nutritional value. Knorr ®has grown to become a well-loved, global brand with a wide range of bouillons, soups, sauces, snacks and ready-made meals that help people around the world enjoy the taste and flavor of good food.

About Lipton®

Lipton® Side Dishes have been offering inspired meal ideas for twenty-five years. With over 40 different varieties, Lipton ®Sides offer pasta and rice varieties in traditional family favorites, as well as Asian, Cajun and Italian offerings. In August 2005, the brand joined forces with the Knorr ®brand, the flavor experts, in order to access an expanded range of flavors from the talented Knorr ®Chefs.

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