Lipton brings Café-Style Teas to homes across America

New Lipton®Premium Tea Pods specially formulated for use in one-cup home brewing systems.

Englewood Cliffs, N.J. -- Lipton®, the world's leading tea brand, introduces Lipton® Premium Tea Pods, a new line of four flavorful teas specially formulated for the Home Café® brewing system. The Home Café® is a revolutionary, single-cup brewing system that uses a unique, pressure brewing technology to conveniently deliver a perfect single cup of gourmet tea in less than a minute. The Lipton® Premium Tea Pods are the first and only nationally distributed teas that offer the ability to become an in-home barista and create exceptionally rich, café-style tea experiences at home.

The new Lipton® Premium Tea Pods are available in a variety of flavors including: English Estate, Vanilla Hazelnut, Raspberry Truffle and Citrus Blossom Green Tea.

"Lipton® Premium Tea Pods make it easy for today's busy consumer to enjoy a delicious cup of gourmet tea without the wait," says Bauke Rouwers, Unilever Vice President/General Manager, Lipton® Tea North America. "Lipton® Premium Tea Pods are infused with guilt free, indulgent flavors. And because each great tasting variety is made with only the best tea leaves, consumers can be assured that they’re also getting all the health benefits of real tea. This new innovation in home-tea brewing allows consumers to enjoy and experience a delicious and refreshing cup in less than a minute."

Consumer research confirms that millions of people find café-style beverages in the comfort of their own home appealing because each member of the household can enjoy a favorite beverage in one, easy serving. Like all Lipton® teas, Lipton® Premium Tea Pods start with only the highest quality tea leaves. The leaves are carefully selected and developed specifically to maximize flavor infusion in home brewing systems. With flavors like fine chocolate, creamy vanilla, and toasted hazelnuts the Lipton® Premium Tea Pods deliver an intense and savory tea experience consumers have come to expect from Lipton.

All-natural Lipton® Premium Tea Pods include Lipton's® AOXTM Seal, a proprietary mark that indicates a substantial level of antioxidants. Lipton® Teas, made from real tea leaves, naturally contain flavonoid antioxidants that help the body protect itself against free radicals – molecules that can damage cells.

Lipton® Premium Tea Pods will be available in the coffee and tea aisle of supermarkets and mass merchandise outlets nationwide in September 2005 with a suggested retail price of $4.39 for a 20-count pack. The Home Café® brewing system is available at national retailers and select supermarkets. The suggested retail price of Home Café® appliances range from $39.99 - $119.99 depending upon the model and manufacturer.

Lipton®Premium Tea Pod flavors include:

English Estate: A strong, rich blend of Assam, Ceylon and other fine teas

Vanilla Hazelnut: Smooth and aromatic vanilla and toasted hazelnut flavors blended with carefully selected black tea

Raspberry Truffle: Infused with fresh-picked raspberry and European chocolate flavors

Citrus Blossom Green Tea: Fine Asian green tea blended with sun-ripened orange, lemon and grapefruit flavor

Visit to learn about tea and health and watch a demonstration of the power of the antioxidants found in Lipton® Teas.

About Lipton® Teas

Lipton®, the world's leading tea brand, is committed to bringing consumers great tasting, healthy tea products in a variety of convenient forms. Innovative new Lipton®Iced Tea To Go Sticks allow consumers to add the natural goodness of tea to water - for the great taste of tea even when they're on the go! Lipton®To Go is an "on the go" mix with the protective health benefits of antioxidants.

Lipton®is also introducing reformulated ready to drink iced teas and powders with less sugar including Lipton®Original Ready to Drink, the leading national bottled iced tea brand made with fresh brewed tea, not from powders or concentrate. Lipton®Original is the original Lipton®, with a new, fresh look. New premium graphics, which go hand-in-hand with the reformulated products (i.e. reduced sugar levels in all, but one sweetened flavor), show the added emphasis Lipton®had placed on health.

In addition, New Lipton®Ready to Drink Iced Tea, launched in February, is a great tasting product with naturally protective antioxidants - all in a convenient plastic bottle. With this RTD product Lipton®is ready to capitalize on the growth in the popular RTD tea segment with ultra convenient 12 pack - the perfect take-home size - as well as a 20 ounce plastic single-serve. Hot or cold, black or green, Lipton®is the leader in tea offering a range of great tasting, healthy products for today’s health conscious consumer.

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