Lipton® Tea introduces new AOXTM Seal

Guarantees Naturally Protective Antioxidants In Every Sip

To help consumers make smart beverage choices, Lipton® introduces the AOXTM Seal, a proprietary mark that indicates a substantial level of antioxidants. Lipton® Teas, made from real tea leaves, naturally contain flavonoid antioxidants that help the body protect itself against free radicals – molecules that can damage cells. Issued by the Unilever Health Institute in The Netherlands, the AOXTM Seal is unique to Lipton® products and can be found on many Green and Black Teas, including tea bags, new Green Tea iced Tea Mix, new Lipton® To Go and most ready-to-drink bottled iced teas.

"With an increased focus on living a healthy lifestyle and consuming a healthy diet, it is an optimal time to educate consumers about the natural health benefits of tea and to introduce Lipton® to a whole new generation of tea drinkers," says Bauke Rouwers, Unilever Vice President/General Manager, Lipton® Tea North America. "Many consumers are surprised to learn that Lipton® Black and Green teas naturally contain nearly the same level of protective flavonoid antioxidants. When consumers see the AOXTM Seal they can feel confident that they are choosing a beverage filled with the health benefits of antioxidants."

The launch of the AOXTM Seal coincides with Lipton"s® introduction of new, revitalized packaging that reflects the health and quality that consumers can expect from Lipton® Teas. The contemporary packaging highlights the "from the tea leaf" qualities of this powerful beverage while appealing to young-minded, health conscious consumers.

About flavonoid antioxidants

As part of a healthy diet, drinking tea regularly may help to maintain a healthy heart. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted in the United States and Europe to compare the heart health of regular tea drinkers to those who do not regularly drink tea. When these studies are combined, results show that people who drink three or more cups of brewed tea per day have better cardiovascular health than those who don't drink tea but still live a healthy lifestyle.

Preliminary research suggests that tea flavonoids may lower the risk of certain cancers. While more evidence is needed before any definitive conclusions can be drawn, leading scientists worldwide are actively studying tea flavonoids and cancer.

About Lipton teas

Lipton®, the world's leading tea brand, is committed to bringing consumers great tasting, healthy tea products in a variety of convenient forms. Innovative new Lipton® Iced Tea To Go Sticks allow consumers to add the natural goodness of tea to water - for the great taste of tea even when they're on the go! Lipton® To Go is an "on the go" mix with the protective health benefits of antioxidants. Lipton® is also introducing reformulated ready to drink iced teas and powders with less sugar including Lipton® Original Ready to Drink, the leading national bottled iced tea brand made with fresh brewed tea, not from powders or concentrate. Lipton® Original is the original Lipton®, with a new, fresh look! New premium graphics, which go hand-in-hand with the reformulated products (i.e. reduced sugar levels in all, but one sweetened flavor), show the added emphasis Lipton® had placed on health. In addition, New Lipton® Ready to Drink Iced Tea, launched in February, is a great tasting product with naturally protective antioxidants - all in a convenient plastic bottle. With this RTD product Lipton® is ready to capitalize on the growth in the popular RTD tea segment with ultra convenient 12 pack - the perfect take-home size - as well as a 20 ounce plastic single-serve. Hot or cold, black or green, Lipton® is the leader in tea offering a range of great tasting, healthy products for today's health conscious consumer.

About Lipton® Herbal teas

Herbal teas, unlike other teas, are not derived from the Camellia sinesis tea plant. All herbal teas, including Lipton® herbal teas, are made from blends of herbs, flowers, fruits and spices. As such, Lipton® herbal teas do not include the AOXTM Seal. Unlike most other herbal teas, Lipton® herbal teas are crafted from 100% natural ingredients and this is indicated on the package.

Tea derived from the Camellia sinesis plant naturally contains antioxidants. The AOXTM Seal is proprietary to Lipton® and indicates a substantial level of antioxidants.

For more information visit, and watch a demonstration of the power of the antioxidants found in Lipton® Teas. At there is extensive information about the health benefits of tea and antioxidants.

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