Americans feel they're starving themselves while dieting

Survey results confirm dieters' ongoing struggles. Slim-Fast helps, with meal replacement bars and shakes that control hunger for up to four hours.

Englewood Cliffs, N.J. -- For the second year in a row, a survey from TSC, a division of Yankelovich reports that at any one time almost 2/3rds of Americans are on a diet. The survey reveals that two in three people admit that hunger causes them to cheat on their diet, and in fact a majority of dieters (56%) feel there are times when they are “starving themselves to death.”

Slim-Fast has just made dieting a whole lot easier with the announcement that in 2007, ALL Slim-Fast meal replacement shakes and bars are clinically proven to control hunger for up to four hours.

The comprehensive consumer survey found that over half of people surveyed (55%); felt they could do a better job of keeping their weight under control if they could go longer after eating a meal without being hungry. Additionally, 1/3 of respondents (31%) say that they feel hungry only three hours after eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. With this in mind, Slim-Fast has adapted their entire line of Slim-Fast meal products to address the issue of hunger control head-on, by utilizing the body's natural ability to signal satiety and control hunger for up to four hours.

Additionally 70% of American women currently trying to diet said that the most important item of clothing that inspired them to lose weight was their jeans. To that end, Slim-Fast is launching a national sweepstakes, challenging America to “Zip Up Your Hunger,” in partnership with Levi’s Strauss Signature®.

“Jeans are a great motivator for losing weight, and we know that hunger is a significant impediment to success for many people. For many, fitting into their favorite pair of jeans IS their primary weight loss goal, that’s why it is no surprise that nearly half of women surveyed feel that losing a clothing size is more important than the amount of pounds,” says Patricia Groziak, M.S., R.D., Unilever Senior Manager, Medical Marketing for Slim-Fast.

“With four hours of hunger control in every Slim-Fast meal replacement product, and the additional motivation of a national sweepstakes, we believe consumers will have important tools to help them meet their weight loss goals."

Last year Slim-Fast reformulated the Slim-Fast Optima shake. It is the first of its kind as a new option for weight loss using a unique, proprietary blend of common food ingredients – namely fats and proteins-- in a great tasting shake with a nutritionally balanced formula. Also this year, the company tested its entire product line and the results demonstrated that both Slim-Fast meal replacement shakes and bars control hunger for up to four hours or more.

Slim-Fast is a flexible and convenient weight loss approach that can fit into anyone’s busy lifestyle. Americans are time-stretched and rushing to get a healthy meal on the run, which leads many people to rely on unhealthy versions of fast food and convenience foods. Slim-Fast Shakes and Meal Bars are truly Meals On-The-Go that can go anywhere with no preparation or cooking needed.

And the Slim-Fast Optima Diet is simple to follow—simply replace breakfast with a Slim-Fast Meal, combine a Slim-Fast Meal with a 200-calorie healthy food choice at lunch, dine on a Sensible Meal at dinner, and snack on fruits, vegetables or portion-controlled, satisfying snacks between meals. There are 4 customized meal plans designed to help people get started in achieving their personal healthy weight goal. Or, use Slim-Fast Meals as part of any diet plan for a nutritionally-balanced, satisfying, calorie-controlled meal replacement.

Slim-Fast is also committed to providing consumers with motivation and support to help them navigate the rough waters of weight loss. To enter the Zip Up Your Hunger sweepstakes and for official rules, consumers can go to The grand prize winner (and guest) will receive an all expense paid trip to San Francisco, a shopping spree, and a makeover.

Furthermore, the winner will receive a consultation with a Levi Strauss Signature® designer to create her own personally designed Levi Strauss Signature® jeans. In addition, 100 pairs of Levi Strauss Signature® jeans will be given away each week through mid April. The first 10,000 consumers who opt into the contest will receive a starter pack that includes a Little Red book, Levi’s fit guide, pedometer and coupons for Free Slim-Fast, Dove, Lipton, & Wishbone.

About Slim-Fast Optima® Meals On-The-Go

Slim-Fast has been a national leader in the weight-management field for nearly 30 years. Recently, the company reformulated its flagship product, the Optima Shake, to control hunger for up to 4 hours with just 190 calories. The product contains a unique, patent-pending protein blend that triggers a feeling of fullness (satiety) in the body through normal digestive processes – without appetite suppressants or stimulants.

Because many dieters cite hunger as a key reason for why their diets fail, the new Slim-Fast shakes can help them stay on track to achieve their weight loss goals. And Slim-Fast Meal Bars have also been proven to control hunger for up to 4 hours.

About Slim-Fast Foods Company

Slim-Fast, a Unilever brand, offers a proven and effective way to lose weight that includes delicious and nutritionally balanced weight loss shakes and meal bars, meal planning and tracking tools, physical activity suggestions, and expert advice and support.

There are over 30 published clinical studies which show that following the Slim-Fast plan promotes effective weight loss and weight maintenance as well as improvement in the health risks associated with obesity. The Slim-Fast product line includes an affordable range of Shakes, Powders, Meal Bars and Snack Bars that are available in retail outlets nationwide. or call 1 800 SLIMFAST for more information.

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