Vaseline asks “How do you flip for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly?”

Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly Celebrates 140th Anniversary as a Wonder Jelly with an Online Campaign That Asks Consumers to Share Their Favorite Uses

Englewood Cliffs, NJ - October 12, 2010 – What product can keep skin soft, help heal burns, tame eyebrows, prevent diaper rash, silence a squeaky door and even polish patent leather pumps? It’s Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly, one of the world’s most iconic multi-tasking products. To celebrate the wonder jelly’s 140th anniversary, Vaseline is compiling the ultimate list of uses by inviting fans to share how they flip for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. 

The campaign coincides with the launch of new packaging that features a convenient flip cap, making it easy to use with one hand. In addition, a new Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly Rich Conditioning Cocoa Butter variant will join Original Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly and Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly Baby on store shelves to help keep people’s skin visibly healthy. All variants are 100% pure petroleum jelly, triple purified and work with skin to help rebuild moisture.

How do you flip for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly?

For 140 years, people have been talking about their favorite ways to use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and now Vaseline is crowd sourcing some of the best tips from fans. The campaign will engage consumers via a newly launched Vaseline Facebook Community ( ) and Twitter page ( ) where loyalists can share their favorite uses. 

The 140 ways Vaseline likes best will be showcased in a video montage highlighting the wonder jelly’s versatility. Everyone who submits a tip will be entered for a chance to win a limited edition jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly which has been bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.

140 Years, 140 Ways

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is one of the most iconic products in the world. The success of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can be attributed to its array of uses, which range from skincare and beauty to athletic, household and more. Makeup artists keep Vaseline Petroleum Jelly handy in their kits to set makeup in place and prevent red lipstick from sticking to teeth. 

Beauty insiders know to apply it to skin after shaving to soothe legs, to eyelids as a daily moisturizer and all over the body to act as a protective barrier. Athletes have long praised the product for helping to prevent chaffing when running, as well as helping them keep warm during winter sports. 

It is so safe that moms use it on their babies to help heal scrapes, soothe the scalp, heal cradle cap and keep diaper rash at bay. And many households have used Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to prevent key holes from freezing and to keep Halloween pumpkins from rotting. (Note: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly may cause pumpkin to become flammable so this tip is not recommended if using candles/fire.)

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly was first discovered in 1859 by Robert Augustus Chesebrough, a 22 year old chemist from Brooklyn, NY. Chesebrough travelled to Pennsylvania to study the oil extraction and refinement process and was immediately drawn to a by-product of the oil refinery process used by the riggers to help aid the healing of cuts and burns - petrolatum. 

The product was found to have remarkable skin-healing properties. He took some of the paraffin-like substance home with him and after testing discovered he could extract a skin-friendly version of the material.

In 1870 Chesebrough introduced this product to the public as Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and by 1974 it was being sold nationwide at the rate of a jar a minute with most medical professions recognizing it as a standard remedy for skin complaints. Today it is triple purified and even safe to use on lips.

All Vaseline Petroleum Jelly products can be used daily and are available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide. The newly designed pack and the New Rich Conditioning Cocoa Butter variant is now in stores. Original Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is available in a 1.75 oz jar for $0.99, a 3.75 oz jar for $1.85, a 7.5 oz jar for $2.99 and a 13 oz jar for $3.29.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Baby is available in a 13 oz jar for $3.29 and Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Rich Conditioning Cocoa Butter is available in a 7.5 oz jar $2.99. Log on to for more information.

About Vaseline

Vaseline® products are manufactured by Unilever [NYSE: UL, UN], one of the world’s largest consumer products companies. The Vaseline brand is passionate about skin and believes skin is amazing. With a 135-year heritage as America’s most trusted healthy skin expert and more than 30 years as a leading global hand and body lotion brand, Vaseline delivers products that meet the specific needs of consumers, no matter their life stage or lifestyle. The Vaseline brand encompasses four product ranges – Vaseline Cocoa Butter™, Vaseline MEN™, Vaseline Intensive Rescue™ and Vaseline Aloe Fresh™. 

In addition the Vaseline brand offers four variants – Total Moisture, Renewal Age Redefining Body, Healthy Hand and Nail, and Firming, as well as a complete line of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and lip balm products. Vaseline products are available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide. For more information, visit or

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