Degree® inspires Americans to DO:MORE

New unisex campaign features superstar athletes Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Lolo Jones and Alex Morgan to motivate people to “DO:MORE” of what they love

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (March 11, 2013) –Complacency is not an option – especially for America’s elite athletes. Now, basketball stars Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant, track & field World Champion Lolo Jones and gold-medal winning soccer player Alex Morgan are teaming up with Degree® deodorant to inspire Americans to go beyond their comfort zone and DO:MORE of what they love. 

The new integrated unisex campaign focuses on challenging yourself, following your passions, trying something new and living life to the fullest. The campaign is inspired by Degree with MOTIONSENSETM; when you do more, Degree® does more too, and it won’t let you down.

Starting in March, Anthony, Durant, Jones and Morgan will appear individually in a series of Degree® television advertisements that showcase how they always DO:MORE. While these four elite athletes are known and recognized around the world for their respective sports, Degree® is diving deeper into their passions off the court, and field, in hopes to inspire others to DO:MORE in their own lives.

“The Degree DO:MORE campaign hopes to inspire and empower people to push themselves further and to be the best at what they do,” says Gaston Vaneri, Senior Marketing Director, Unilever North America. “We were thrilled to partner with elite athletes that are doing just that, challenging themselves to do more of what they love and provide a product like Degree® with MOTIONSENSE™, that keeps them protected and won’t let them down as they push boundaries.”

“I couldn’t wait another four years to see my dreams come true after the 2012 summer games,” said Lolo Jones, track & field World Champion. “There’s no offseason for me, that’s why I’m excited to partner with Degree on its DO:MORE campaign that continues to push doers like myself, to do more of what they love and keep them confident and protected as they push towards their goals.”

About Degree® with MOTIONSENSE™

Degree® with MOTIONSENSE™ is triggered by even the most sudden and slightest of body movements releasing extra protection throughout the day to fight sweat and odor before they start. While the average anti-perspirant/deodorant releases scent upon contact with sweat, Degree® with MOTIONSENSE™ starts working when you start to move, not just when you start to sweat, keeping you cooler for longer and allowing you to DO:MORE.

For ideas on how you can DO:MORE and to see behind-the-scenes footage from the Degree® athletes’ ad shoots, find Degree® Men and Degree® Women on Facebook. Tell us how you DO:MORE by following Degree® Men and Degree Women on Twitter.

About Our Degree DOers

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has always been a dual threat on the basketball court, a leading scorer and a fierce defensive threat, but now he is testing his limits in the boxing ring. With the support of Degree® Men with MOTIONSENSE™, Anthony has the confidence and protection needed to take his game to the next level and DO:MORE whether he’s running 94-feet up and down the basketball court or going 12-rounds in the boxing ring.

Kevin Durant

Known for his competitive drive, fierce determination, and dedication to being the best basketball player, Kevin Durant is now pushing himself to DO:MORE off the court by strapping on a helmet and hitting the pavement mile after grueling mile on his bike. With MOTIONSENSE in his arsenal, Durant can test his physical boundaries both on and off the court.

Lolo Jones

A true “doer,” Lolo Jones is committed to challenging herself – whether it is in track and field where she is a two time gold medal hurdler or in her latest push, bobsledding towards the 2014 winter games. Yes, that’s dual-sport elite competition. With the support of Degree® Women with MOTIONSENSE™, she can stay protected and confident while she pushes boundaries.

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan, one of the top female soccer players in the U.S., is known for dominating the soccer field, but when she unlaces her cleats she escapes to her second passion - paddle boarding. She trades turf for surf to challenge herself off the field. Degree® Women with MOTIONSENSE™ allows her to DO:MORE as she pursues her passions.

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