Klondike introduces the best ice cream bar ever conceived!

What happens when Klondike® ice cream bars meet candy bars? You get the “Best Ice Cream Bar Ever Conceived” of course. New Klondike® Kandy Bars™ perfectly combine the signature thick, chocolatey shell and creamy ice cream of a Klondike® bar with candy bar deliciousness.

To support the launch, “The Best Ice Cream Bar Ever Conceived!” campaign tells the story of how Klondike® Kandy Bars™ came to be, starting with the magical moment when Candy Bar meets Klondike Bar.

The new TV and digital spots, created by The VIA Agency, feature playful banter between a husband and wife about how Klondike® Kandy Bars™ are “made.” The husband’s imagination runs wild with a story about the romantic encounters of an animated Klondike Bar and an animated Candy Bar.

Available nationwide, Klondike® Kandy Bars™, are offered in three mouth-watering varieties:

  • Klondike® Kandy Bars™: Caramel & Peanuts features vanilla ice cream topped with rich caramel in a creamy milk chocolate flavored coating with crunchy peanuts.
  • Klondike® Kandy Bars™: Fudge Krunch features chocolate ice cream topped with decadent chocolate fudge in a creamy milk chocolate flavored coating with rice crispy pieces.
  • Klondike® Kandy Bars™: Cookies & Cream features vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate cookie crunch topped with thick chocolate fudge. It is covered in a white chocolate flavored coating with dark chocolate cookie crunch.

“Klondike® Kandy Bars™ combine the iconic taste of Klondike® bars with the rich flavor and crunchy bites of candy bars. They are sure to be the most irresistible new ice cream treats this summer,” said Alfie Vivian, VP Refreshments, Unilever North America.

In addition to the new spots, Klondike® is partnering with CollegeHumor to create and produce a comedic video series expanding on the story of the relationship between Candy Bar and Klondike Bar – from their lives as a couple to becoming parents.

To learn more about Klondike® Kandy Bars™, visit www.klondikebar.com, check out Klondike® on Facebook (www.facebook.com/Klondike) and follow the brand on Twitter (@Klondikebar)

About the Klondike®

The original Klondike® bar was handmade in the early 1900s by dipping square slices of ice cream into pans of rich, delicious milk chocolate. Until the 1970s, the Klondike® bar was sold only in Pennsylvania and Ohio. In 1978, distribution expanded into Florida, followed by New York and New England. Today, millions of Americans have come to love the Klondike® bar’s delicious variety of frozen novelty products with the distinctive silver wrapper, square shape and famous chocolaty coating. 

The “What would you do for a Klondike® bar?” advertising slogan has become an American icon and commonly referenced in pop culture. Klondike® bars remain top selling novelties in the ice cream category. Klondike currently has 11 unique stickless bar varieties, including: The Original, HEATH®, Krunch™, REESE’S®, Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, OREO®, Double Chocolate, Caramel Pretzel, Rocky Road and Neapolitan. 

The brand also offers two No-Sugar-Added stickless bar varieties in Vanilla and Krunch flavors and three 100-Calorie varieties in Vanilla sandwich, Vanilla stickless bar and variety pack. Klondike® also offers four ice cream sandwich varieties, including: Mrs. Fields®, OREO®, Classic Vanilla, and Chocolate, as well as The Original Choco Taco and Chocolate Choco Taco.

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