MAGNUM Ice Cream and BCBGMAXAZRIA collaboration turns chocolate and couture into the world’s most pleasurable fashion accessory

Englewood Cliffs, NJ (April 29, 2015) – MAGNUM® Ice Cream, the only ice cream bar made with Belgian chocolate, is partnering with globally renowned fashion brand BCBGMAXAZRIA to create the world’s most pleasurable fashion accessory. Through the use of innovative scent technology, the BCBGMAXAZRIA for MAGNUM Belgian Chocolate Wrap offers women a new way to indulge in their love of chocolate and fashion.

The limited edition BCBGMAXAZRIA for MAGNUM Belgian Chocolate Wrap uses a decadent aroma, rich colors and smooth textures inspired by Belgian chocolate to let women experience the ‘MAGNUM Effect’ – the same sense of pleasure you experience when indulging in a MAGNUM Ice Cream bar. The MAGNUM Effect aroma infused into the wrap is crafted with some of the world’s most exquisite and delectable ingredients, and when combined with fabrics of suede and silky viscose, women will feel wrapped in chocolate pleasure all day long.

“In fashion, we focus so much on sight and touch,” said Lubov Azria, chief creative officer of BCBGMAXAZRIA. “The design of the wrap was inspired by the smooth feel of chocolate and the visual of a melting MAGNUM Double Caramel Ice Cream bar. But to find a way to incorporate the aroma as well means the BCBGMAXAZRIA for MAGNUM Belgian Chocolate Wrap has taken fashion beyond the realm of the visual and tactile, giving everyone a new and innovative way to experience fashion as a true feast of the senses.”

With critically acclaimed collections, a loyal following of Hollywood’s celebrities and a strong worldwide presence, BCBGMAXAZRIA has become one of the top names in the fashion industry. To bring the BCBGMAXAZRIA for MAGNUM Belgian Chocolate Wrap to life, the team partnered with two of the world’s leading sensorial experts, including Harvard scientist and scent inventor David Edwards and world-renowned master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel.

Through their expertise, the MAGNUM Effect aroma was incorporated into the wrap using oNotes – a revolutionary scent messaging platform that enriches and personalizes the experience of aroma. Created by David Edwards and his team, this is the first time oNotes have been integrated into a fashion accessory.

“Scent is an incredibly powerful stimulus of emotion and memory. By infusing the aroma of MAGNUM Belgian Chocolate into fashion, the scent-based messages within the BCBGMAXAZRIA for MAGNUM Belgian Chocolate Wrap will have the power to alter and enhance every day experiences,” said David Edwards.

The world’s most pleasurable fashion accessory was unveiled by BCBGMAXAZRIA and MAGNUM Ice Cream at an exclusive presentation on April 28, 2015 at the BCBGMAXAZRIA Flagship store in New York City. Women across the US can enjoy the one-of-a-kind Belgian

Chocolate Wrap available as a limited edition ‘gift with purchase’ in select BCBGMAXAZRIA stores nationwide this summer. Chocolate lovers can also experience the #MAGNUMeffect by enjoying America’s favorite MAGNUM variety – the MAGNUM Double Caramel Ice Cream bar – or new MAGNUM Double Peanut Butter, made with Belgian Chocolate, rich peanut butter ice cream, and peanut buttery sauce. Go to for more information.


BCBG Max Azria Group, LLC: BCBG Max Azria Group began with a single idea – to create a beautiful dress. Founded in 1989 by Designer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Max Azria, BCBG was named for the French phrase bon chic, bon genre, a Parisian slang meaning “good style, good attitude.” The brand embodies a true combination of European sophistication and American spirit. The BCBG Max Azria and BCBG Max Azria Runway labels are sold in 700 freestanding boutiques and shop-in-shops at top department stores across the globe.

About Vapor Communications

Vapor Communications Is a sensorial delivery company founded by David Edwards, his former student Rachel Field, and technology entrepreneur Don Zereski with the creative team of Le Laboratoire in Paris and Cambridge. The Company intends to bring scent messaging into contemporary living wherever scent matters, for health and memory, self-expression and entertainment, travel and the marketing of aromatic content online. The Company is partnering with leading corporations to bring scent-based messaging to consumers and industries around the world.


Launched in 1989, MAGNUM was the first handheld ice cream bar targeted as a premium adult offering. Today, MAGNUM® is one of the world’s leading ice cream brands, selling one billion units annually worldwide, and it is the biggest brand of Unilever ice creams.

MAGNUM® Ice Cream bars use only the finest premium ingredients, including silky vanilla bean ice cream and real Belgian chocolate, and is a must-have staple for any glamorous pleasure-seeker.

Belgian chocolate has an outstanding reputation for its smooth, rich flavor and tempting chocolate aroma. It’s recognized around the world because of its meticulous adherence to ‘Old World’ craftsmanship. MAGNUM® Ice Cream bars are crafted in this rich heritage and are made with a signature Belgian chocolate recipe developed specifically for MAGNUM® bars which have that distinct silky texture that cracks with each delicious bite.

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