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Born in Korean Aesthetic SPA, AHC unveils the secrets of luxury Korean skincare to elevate the experience and skincare results.

AHC was created in Seoul, Korea in 1999 for use within its luxury clinics. It quickly become one of the most popular brands across the globe and its Real Eye Cream For Face became a best-seller. AHC takes an innovative approach to skincare inspired by the K-Beauty trend for dewy, translucent skin or "chok, chok" as it's referred to in Korea.

Our AHC innovation experts are based in Seoul and pioneers their cutting-edge technologies which are incorporated into the clinic services and skincare products. Harnessing three elements into harmony: advanced skincare science, thoughtful formulations and optimised applications.

These guiding principles alongside years of hands-on skincare expertise acquired at their own clinics and other dermatological practices, bring to market a truly efficacious and innovative line of products.

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